All that jack hammering you’re hearing on light-rail construction through Milwaukie this week? It’s not another bad concrete pour such as the one that forced contractors to work backward in July.

Although the current work looks and sounds similar to the chipping out and replacing the defective portions of a railroad overpass that the regional transit agency required earlier this summer, TriMet spokeswoman Angie Murphy noted that crews are now clearing grout from ductwork as a planned part of the construction.

“So it isn’t anything outside of the regular course,” Murphy said.

Subcontractor Cascade Bridge has been building the Tillamook Overpass on a yearlong $7 million contract. Pouring concrete on a hot day in July, they used a mix that was not as fluid as they would have liked, and it came out too porous.

TriMet officials, having promised the $1.49 billion line will open to the public in 2015, said that the two-week error did not delay the project overall because they had built in time to fix quality-control issues.

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