The Oregon City-Metro Enhancement Committee meeting originally scheduled for May 27 to review and approve proposals for the 2015-16 grant cycle, has been postponed to Thursday, June 11.

The 5:30 p.m. review meeting will be held at City Hall, 625 Center St., in the Oregon City Commission chambers. The committee is comprised of nine members appointed by and including Mayor Dan Holladay, city commissioners, three citizens and Metro Councilor Carlotta Collette.

The grant program was created in 1988 as part of an agreement between the city and Metro. It funds projects that “result in the rehabilitation, improvement and enhancement of areas within the city and/or provides opportunities that benefit residents of the city.” The program compensates the community affected by the Metro South Station, the garbage transfer station at the corner of Highway 213 and Washington Street in Oregon City. The fund is generated by a $1-per-ton surcharge collected on garbage disposed of at the station.

This year, the committee will consider 13 grant applications from 11 organizations totaling requests of $173,159, which includes the following:

1. $25,000, Clackamas Community College Foundation — Newell Creek Headwaters Restoration project design and permitting.

2. $9,864, Clackamas County Historical Society — Museum of the Oregon Territory would fund improvements to the building for a better “first impression” curb-appeal, public safety and lobby presentation.

3. $9,120, Clackamas County Juvenile Department — GREEN Corps Fresh Start Expansion would provide additional funding to a program that engages at-risk youth in a community-based project to plant and grow organic produce, and to harvest honey from the program’s beehives. The youth, in turn, would sell their items at the Oregon City Farmers Market in the summer.

4. $8,000, Depave — Installation of an outdoor classroom space at Eastham Community Education Center.

5. $23,750 & $13,000, Main Street Oregon City — The first request would fund a Clean Team for downtown, the second would establish a micro-grant program to fund and design oversight for small scale storefront and signage improvements for downtown business owners.

6. $25,000, Marketplace Oregon City — Startup funding for the first season of the Liberty Plaza market that runs on Saturdays from May through October.

7. $5,550 & $6,000, Oregon City Chamber of Commerce — The first request will fund a disaster readiness workbook for businesses and emergency responders in case of a disaster. The second is a high school job and career exploration fair for Oregon City students.

8. $3,175, Oregon City Farmers Market — Funding would purchase new banners, signage and advertising for the new site of the Winter Farmers Market.

9. $13,000, Oregon City on behalf of Willamette Falls Legacy Project partners and Friends Group — Signage would be included in the design for the Riverwalk along the Willamette River.

10. $17,350, Rivers of Life Center — Funds would cover a cleanup and beautification project along Washington Street, as well as the Holcomb/Abernethy Gateway.

11. $14,350, Willamette Falls Media Center — Funding would addressepotential site safety hazards by renovating and providing a community patio for outdoor gatherings and meetings.

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