Fruitful Children company proud to be using wind energy to power its dehydrators creating innovative and healthy snacks for all ages

As fruit-leather maker Fruitful Children grows, the company is proud to be using wind energy to power its dehydrators.

Fruitful Children founder Gil Cohen creates innovative and healthy snacks for all ages. He started with three flavors: mango/coconut, mango/pineapple and mango/spinach/ kale.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Gil and Tal Cohen flank Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill to celebrate the release of fruit leather made with Red Mill amaranth and quinoa grains.Cohen and his son, Tal, recently joined Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill to celebrate the release of fruit leather made with Red Mill amaranth, teff and quinoa grains used for millenia by indigenous Americans. Amaranth friut leather comes with banana and mango; the teff grain roll has cocoa and mango; and the quinoa contains carrot, beet and mango.

For its Perky line of fruit leather, Clackamas based-Fruitful Children also has partnered with Blueberry Ridge Farm in Sherwood, which provides organic blueberries, on two new products: blueberry/banana, and blueberries with Bob's Red Mill brown sesame.

No sugar, preservatives, colorings or additives are used in Perky products. They are all natural, gluten-free, paleo-friendly, non-GMO and vegan.

Bob's Red Mill grains are featured in Perky's line of "All Day Superfood," made with four or fewer ingredients and marketed for busy lifestyles and meal replacement. Each variety features mango, dehydrated with just one or two other superfood ingredients, and Bob's grains.

"Perky products provide steady energy rather than a sugar spike and crash — ideal for endurance athletes and weekend warriors alike," Cohen said. "Health-minded young adults are flocking to the brand as an ideal pre/post workout snack for their gym bag. Dancers, actors and models have reported that it is the perfect snack before a big show, as it is easily digestible, filling, and nonbloating. Parents love that their children are getting whole fruits and vegetables in fun, fuss-free/mess-free packaging — and that it's a delicious and naturally sweet snack their kids will actually enjoy and ask for. It's the perfect nutrient-dense snack that can counteract the mid-afternoon crash that everyone is susceptible to."

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