Gladstone honors Clackamas Bookshelf, wins grant for kindergarten science, plans career/technical/college credit opportunities

The kindergarten science program at the Gladstone Center for Children & Families has received a $2,500 grant from the Kinsman Foundation.

The funds will support weekly science instruction for all kindergarten students, plus a monthly Science Hour open to children 6 and under. The free Science Hour events start at 4:15 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month.

GHS plans career/technical programs, college credit opportunities

This year, Gladstone High is investing in new programs that focus on three goals: expanding career-technical programs, raising the graduation rate and increasing the number of students earning college credits in high school.

These efforts, spurred by the passage of Measure 98, are in response to voters' desire to help every student find success.

"One goal is to increase our graduation rate to 90 percent in the next two years," said Principal Kevin Taylor.

To accomplish this, the school launched a new on-line credit recovery program and changed the schedule to allow more time for after school help from teachers. The school is also closely tracking ninth grade progress and juniors with credit deficiencies.

While Gladstone High now offers 32 different career-technical classes, the school hopes to add more career pathways after gathering student input. Healthcare occupations, technology careers, and culinary arts are some options under consideration.

Increasing the number of students who earn college credits while in high school is another goal. While Gladstone High now offers 67 sections of college-credit classes, many do not take advantage.

"Why not pay $10 per credit now instead of $200 or more at a university?" asked Taylor. "Students who take advantage of these opportunities can often save $20,000 or more on college tuition."

Clackamas Bookshelf honored

The Gladstone School Board honored the Clackamas SUBMITTED PHOTO: LESLIE ROBINETTE - Board members of the Clackamas Bookshelf celebrate their Growing Great People award from the Gladstone School Board. Pictured are Maggie Thornton, Kristy Karsten, and Executive Director Katy Preston.Bookshelf for their work distributing free books to low-income students.

Since the 2014 launch of the Gladstone-based nonprofit, the group has distributed over 38,000 books across Clackamas County. Over 14,000 of those were given to Gladstone youths.

"Research shows that if children have at least 25 books in their home, their odds of success in school increase dramatically," explained Executive Director Katy Preston. "We want every child in Clackamas County to have books to call their own."

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