At Oregon City school, Lu talks about what got her excited about reading and writing

New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu, best known for the Legend series of novels set in a dystopian and militarized future, recently visited PHOTO COURTESY: MICHAEL CLARK - Pictured from left to right are Alexandra Butchek, Marie Lu, Savannah Brooks, Jace Wright, Lori Fransen and Paulina Iturralde Villalba.Oregon City's Gardiner Middle School in a presentation sponsored by Barnes & Noble.

During her visit, Lu talked about what got her excited about reading and writing. She shared her process and where the ideas for each of her books originated.

"The excitement that was shared during Marie Lu's visit was wonderful," said Lori Fransen, Gardiner Middle School librarian. "Beyond getting our students excited about reading, I love that she may have also helped to inspire the next generation of writers."

Before writing her first book, Lu worked as an art designer for the video game industry, another topic she discussed with the students. In the future, her novels will be the basis of a movie to be produced by CBS Films.

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