Clackamas County Arts Alliance will install three exhibits in Oregon City on Jan. 11

Artists may work in different mediums but they all have the same goal — "to have their work seen and appreciated by the public," said Suzi Anderson, program coordinator for the Clackamas County Arts Alliance.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Oregon City artist William Webster's watercolor, above, is titled 'Near Downieville.'The organization just announced its choice of 48 individual artists and one group to exhibit in the 2018 Artist Exhibit Program. The annual application process, open only to those in Clackamas County, selects artists to rotate artwork every three or four months in one of the 18 gallery spaces located in 11 county venues.

Artists will showcase a wide selection of two- and three-dimensional artworks in a variety of mediums, said Cheryl Snow, executive director of the arts alliance.

The Artist Exhibit Program began over 15 years ago and continues to provide local artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork commission-free.

The Clackamas County Arts Alliance was first formed in 1994, with a purpose to support, develop and promote access to all the arts in every county community.

Upcoming exhibits

"We will be installing three exhibits in Oregon City on Jan. 11 at the Clackamas County Development Services Building," Anderson said.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - In 'Silver Rain Over blue Queens,' Beavercreek artist Lindy Rutherford put together buttons, jewelry and other items to create this collage.The artists and galleries are: Development Services Building-Cafe Gallery — Oregon City resident Rich Grisham; Development Services Building — Entry Gallery, Wilsonville resident Toni Avery; and Development Services Building — 3D Gallery, Eagle Creek resident Tacy Jones.

The Artist Exhibit Program is a wonderful way for the arts alliance to live "our mission to keep arts and culture central to life in Clackamas County," Anderson said.

"Artists show their work and the public is exposed to a wide range of artistic experiences and mediums. It's a win-win situation for Clackamas County and artists alike."

The artists who are chosen for the program are appreciative, Anderson said, because their work will be seen by hundreds of people.

Exhibits featuring the remaining artists will open in other venues throughout the year.

Rewarding program

"The Artist Exhibit Program is a very well-organized and well-operated benefit to both artists and residents of Clackamas County," said Martha Parisi Dirksen, a Lake Oswego artist who will exhibit her work in 2018.

"The program could easily be a benchmark for other arts organizations in terms of providing visibility to local artists, and bringing art into venues where more residents have the opportunity to experience art in its many forms," she added.

"It is such a gratifying feeling to meet with our artists, install their work in a gallery, and talk with them about their work," Anderson said. "To see the pride on their face and hear the stories of what inspired a certain piece is always rewarding."

Abundance of artists

"The arts alliance is unique, and we are fortunate to offer the Artist Exhibit Program to local artists. As a testament to the incredible number of artists we have to choose from for the program, this year about half of the artists selected are brand-new to the [program] and have never exhibited with us before," she said.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - 'Still She Sings,' above, represents Milwaukie resident Genevieve Entezari's intuitive art in acrylic paint.Why are there so many artists in Clackamas County?

The "abundance of talented artists is largely due to the natural beauty surrounding us on a daily basis. Creative spirits are inspired by the Willamette River, Mount Hood, Willamette Falls and so much more," Anderson said.

"Combined with so many supportive like-minded people, who wouldn't be inspired?"

Appreciate the arts

To learn more about the Clackamas County Arts Alliance, visit, or call Suzi Anderson, program coordinator, at 503-805-9473.

The North Clackamas Christian School in Oregon City was chosen as the artist group for the Artist Exhibit Program.

Among the 48 individual artists chosen to display their work in 2018, 24 are from Beavercreek, Happy Valley, Milwaukie and Oregon City. See list below.

To see a full listing of artists from other sections of the county, and to see examples of their work, visit

Individual artists include: Ruth Armitage, Patrick Bailey, Brad Beach, Linda Blue, Roxanne Colyer, Kerry Edwards, Genevieve Entezari, Richard Gaffield, Shellie Garber, Jim Grady, Rich Grisham, Nicolette Hume, Leland John, Shirlee Lind, Tammie Painter, Justin Renshaw, Lindy Rutherford, Raphael Schnepf, Guenevere Schwien, Miriam Selby, Melissa Sleasman, William Webster, Elo Wobig and Marilyn Woods.

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