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Our education system impacts every single Oregonian — whether you are a parent with students in public schools, an employer hiring high school graduates, or a teacher who has dedicated their life to education. We believe we can do more to ensure that an Oregon education will set students on a path to success.

As co-chairs of the Oregon Legislature's bipartisan and bicameral Committee on Student Success, we want to hear from you.

Yes, you.

Please join us and share your experience with Oregon schools on Wednesday night. We'll be holding a hearing for public comment from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Clackamas High School auditorium, 14486 S.E. 122nd Ave.

Your input is important to the future of Oregon schools. That's why we are traveling around the state and talking directly with students, parents, teachers, and education stakeholders to learn about the best practices employed in our most successful schools, as well as understand the gaps that are limiting student success.

The more people who are involved in this process, the better Oregon's education system can be. Together, we can do more to give every child access to the high-quality schools they deserve, and every school the ability to meet the needs of current and future students — including consistent state funding and accountable local spending.

This is your chance to be heard and advocate for your local schools. If you cannot attend the event on Wednesday, there are six more opportunities to engage with the committee outside of the Oregon Capitol:

1. May 24: 7 p.m. in the Woodburn High School auditorium; 1785 N. Front St., Woodburn.

2. June 5: 7 p.m. at the Pawlowski Athletic Center at Central High School; 815 S. Oakdale Ave., Medford.

3. July 11: 7 p.m. in the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy auditorium; 11375 S.W. Center St., Beaverton.

4. Sept. 13: 7 p.m. in the Ridgeview High School auditorium; 4555 S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond.

5. Sept. 27: 7 p.m. in the Madison High School auditorium; 2735 N.E. 82nd Ave., Portland.

6. Oct. 10: 7 p.m. in the Marshfield High School auditorium, 972 Ingersoll Ave., Coos Bay.

State Sen. Arnie Roblan

(D-Coos Bay)

State Rep. Barbara

Smith Warner


Joint Committee on Student Success co-chairs

None of the above

As we are about to vote again, I want to thank you for your story in the Clackamas Review of Nov. 26, 2016, regarding Clackamas County Circuit Judge Michael C. Wetzel handing down a sweetheart deal to Ed Lindquist, former and darned-well-knew-better Clackamas County commissioner and state legislator who paid to have 27 trees cut down in an Oregon City park because they blocked his view of the river!

His excuses would have people believe he was just being a good citizen who was doing "corrective pruning" and considering fire danger. Or so he said, but city officials denied the story.

The estimate of damages was $237,000 but the law would have permitted triple. It also provided for a five-year prison sentence.

Lucky Ed! He got off with 18-months probation, 80 hours community service and — hold on for this one — $100 fine!

We deserve better than this. It is an insult to the community and the heritage of the city.

As citizens who elect judges and legislators, we expect them to follow honorable conduct, which includes the rule of law.

What we need now, in that Judge Wetzel is running unopposed for another term, is a box below the candidate's name reading "none of the above."

Jean Baker


Check out this video

PHOTO COURTESY: WFMC - Clackamas County elections-clerk candidates Pamela White and Sherry Healy participate in a Willamette Falls Media Center video production with Raymond Rendleman, editor of the Clackamas Review/Oregon City News.I watched [the Clackamas Review-hosted Willamette Falls Media Center] panel with [Clackamas County elections-clerk candidates] Pamela White and Sherry Healy, helpful because they are unknown, and Healy's Voters' Pamphlet message seemed somewhat negative to me.

Donna Endicott

Happy Valley

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