1988 Bayliner abandoned near the Sportscraft Landing with the engine removed and boat's identifying information largely scratched off

Ed Logan is a fisherman who generally thinks any day on the water is a good day. But this day he was angry about what Clackamas County deputies pulled from the Willamette River in Oregon City.

PHOTO COURTESY: CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE - A boat filled with trash was found abandoned in the Willamette River in Oregon City on June 24.A boat filled with trash was abandoned on the Willamette. The 1988 Bayliner was covered PHOTO COURTESY: CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE - The suspect vehicle in the act of dumping the boat full of trash.with a silver tarp near the Sportscraft Landing. The back of the boat was cut out just below the water line and someone tried to grind off the registration numbers.

"It makes me angry that they could be so unconscious of what the hell they're doing," Logan told KOIN 6 News. "There's just no reason for it other than being so damn cheap that you don't want to spend the money."

Sgt. Nate Thompson with the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said they got a call about the boat on June 24 and after talking with witnesses determined the boat was abandoned in the middle of the afternoon on June 23.

PHOTO COURTESY: KOIN 6 NEWS - Ed Logan is a fisherman who often fishes in the Willamette River near Oregon City."It was just right off the boat ramp," Thompson said. "It was tied up to a log, which, you know, was barely anything."

The Bayliner was about halfway under water but deputies were able to tow it into the boat ramp and put it on a trailer.

PHOTO COURTESY: KOIN 6 NEWS - The Sportcraft Landing area on the Willamette River in Oregon City.He thinks whoever abandoned the boat filled with construction debris — including mattresses and rugs, doors and wood — just wanted to "have it sink and kind of go away or not be a problem. Or they didn't want to pay to take it to the dump to have it disposed of."

But now both the cost and the disposal fall on CCSO and, ultimately, taxpayers.

"It usually costs us a couple hundred dollars to get rid of something like this, mostly because it's so full of trash. It adds more weight to it," Thompson said. "If it's just a boat to get rid of, $100 to $200 should get rid of it."

Witnesses have provided tips about the abandoned boat, he said.

"You know, everyone has a cell phone on them. Take a picture, take a video, because really what we need is the evidence to prosecute something like this. A lot of these boats have changed hands so many times everybody is going to deny ownership of it," Thompson said.

He also said no one has to interact with whoever left the boat, just take a picture and call police.

"We'll come out and investigate."

Thompson also said he's confident they'll find out who abandoned the boat: "We just encourage whoever did this to make it easy and just turn yourself in."

Fortunately, someone did capture a photo of the suspect vehicle. On June 26, CCSO released photos of a white SUV in the act of dumping the boat full of trash.

This kind of incident is a growing problem. In March, KOIN 6 News reported on a boat called the Notty One that someone filled with trash and dumped into the Willamette near Canby. That case remains unsolved.

Logan said there's just no reason for this kind of thing.

"I just can't put words to it because it's just not right. You got to go by your conscience," Logan said. "It always comes down to the taxpayer that's going to get screwed on it. It's not right."

CCSO is seeking information regarding the boat. Anyone who has a tip can call 503-655-8211 or leave an anonymous message at

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