artMOB presents a group exhibition composed of arts and crafts created by members of the Rose Villa community, opening 5-8 p.m. Friday, July 6

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Rose Villa artist Ruth Ross works on monotype printmaking on vintage fabrics.Life experience and creativity come together in Art from the Rose Villa Community, the First Friday art show opening on July 6 at Milwaukie City Hall.

The group exhibition is the result of a partnership between artMOB's Hamid Shibata Bennett and Kathryn Cellerini Moore, the coordinator of the senior community's Creative Arts at Rose Villa program. The show will be up during the entire month of July at City Hall Gallery in downtown Milwaukie.


SUBMITTED PHOTO - Leaded-glass artist Jack Duren explains his new project that incorporates a handheld vacuum and public participation.CARV is a collaborative initiative among senior residents and staff at Rose Villa, with the goal of building and strengthening community through the arts, while artMOB is Milwaukie's arts committee.

"Because the artMOB also values community and creates opportunities for people to interact with arts of all kinds, I sensed that there was potential for partnership between our two organizations," Cellerini Moore said.

Shibata Bennett noted that seniors bring a lifetime of experience to many forms of art, from painting to cooking or telling a story.

He said, "artMOB is honored to bring art from the SUBMITTED PHOTO - Rose Villa artist Stephen Weislogel chose to portray flowers in an unconventional way in this scanography print. community of Rose Villa to remind us of where we've been and perhaps get a glimpse of where we're headed."

After Shibata Bennett saw Rose Villa's resident artists "creating a diversity of artistic expressions," he proposed an art show at Milwaukie City Hall.

He will help select the pieces to display, transport them to City Hall and set them up with the help of Chris Haberman, artMOB's chief curator.

Then, from 5 to 8 p.m. July 6, the public will be invited to meet the artists at a special reception at City Hall.

"I totally have enjoyed getting to know these artists with such wisdom behind their work. I'd love to keep my creativity sparking all through life, and these wonderful folk show it's truly possible," Shibata Bennett said.

Art at Rose Villa

Cellerini Moore said the Visual Arts Advisory Group at Rose Villa loved the idea of an off-campus exhibit, and asked that the call for art be as open to interpretation as possible.

"The opportunity is [available] to any residents and staff who are engaged with writing, music, contemporary visual arts and traditional arts," she said.

"It will not surprise me if there is poetry next to hand-pulled prints, and quilts near paintings and handmade baskets," Cellerini Moore said.

What she has enjoyed the most about co-facilitating the upcoming exhibit is that it presents an "opportunity for people at Rose Villa to participate in an event that celebrates their individual and collective voices."

The collaboration with artMOB "visibly champions Rose Villa residents and staff as a collective, thriving, creative culture within the larger context of our surrounding communities," Cellerini Moore said.

"Partnerships such as this, which create opportunities for marginalized groups, which includes senior populations, are critical if we are going to change societal perceptions about aging," she said.

Cellerini Moore added, "Bringing people together of all ages to celebrate creativity and community is a great start."

Art in bloom

What: The Creative Arts at Rose Villa (CARV), in partnership with The Milwaukie Arts Committee (artMOB), presents a group exhibition composed of arts and crafts created by members of the Rose Villa community, including both residents and staff.

When: Opening 5-8 p.m. Friday, July 6, continuing through the end of the month

Where: Lobby Gallery of Milwaukie City Hall, 10722 S.E. Main St.

Details: During this same time, Trip the Dark dance company from Chapel Theatre will perform in front of City Hall and an artist reception will take place inside.

artMOB: This Milwaukie arts committee adopted the nickname artMOB, which stands for art and Milwaukie On Board. The committee consists of seven members who help connect artists with resources and to connect the community with art. Visit to learn more.

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