102-year-old Mr. Peanut Planters mascot will also make appearances with the 26-foot Nutmobile

Planters' Nutmobile is making stops in the metro area, including at the Clackamas County Fair on Tuesday and the WinCo Foods Portland Open Golf Tournament in North Plains.

PHOTO BY ELLEN SPITALERI - 'Peanutters' Molly O'Brien, Patrick Golden and Jenna Stoklosa are recent college graduates who have driven the Planters Nutmobile from Wisconsin to Oregon.JennaStoklosa said the most fun part of driving the peanut-shaped automobile is watching people's reactions, while "Peanutter" Molly O'Brien said that people on the freeway will drive by the Nutmobile and attempt to take photos of the vehicle from their moving cars.

Patrick Golden pointed out that driving the Nutmobile is "a unique and specific way to see the country."

O'Brien added, "Not only do we get to go [to many cities], but we get to talk to people and see how each city lives."

Stoklosa said that the Nutmobile is 26 feet long, with a fiberglass body built on an Isuzu chassis. The peanut ridges are made by covering pool "noodles."

The 102-year-old Mr. Peanut mascot will also make appearances with the Nutmobile.

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