Unique solution to growing problem partners estate services with nonprofit foundation

NW Giving Hope Foundation one year ago arrived in Oregon City, near the end of the Oregon Trail museum. A newer nonprofit formed in early 2016, NWGHF is committed to helping victims of child trafficking by — some say — an unorthodox approach.

PHOTO BY: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Corey Stark has launched Northwest Giving Hope Foundation Estate Services, where he conducts public live auctions 7 p.m. every Saturday at 1702 Washington St., Oregon City.NWGHF generates revenue through community-based live auctions at 7 p.m. Saturdays at 1702 Washington St. The foundation's volunteers raise awareness for the growing issue of child trafficking and help with the expense of healing these victims once free from the sex-trade industry. These youth require a multitude of services, and they often have a significant price tag to administer.

Contrary to a number of nonprofit organizations that host an annual benefit or charity auction each year, NWGH Foundation provides a weekly alternative inviting the surrounding community to join in aiding truly a "community" problem. Auction proceeds go toward protecting the future of children who've been exploited through sex trafficking, and of course auction-goers have every opportunity to take home vintage/antique items for a bargain price.

In addition, just two years after the foundation formed, Executive Director Corey Stark launched NWGH Estate Services & Auctions in an effort to provide a unique "full service" estate-handling experience for families who — not unlike the exploited children served by the foundation — cannot effectively manage themselves through the steps necessary due to the enormity of the circumstances they face.

"I thought people would be more apt to give something and get something in return rather than just solicit donations for the growing number of local children who are attempting to leave sex-trafficking industry," Stark said.

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