Actress' 10featuredteachers campaign on Instagram encourages fans to donate school supplies to public school students

As celebrities use their influence to support public education, Gladstone High School teacher Emmett Pearson was among those selected by actress Kristen Bell to benefit from a school supply drive for her language arts, drama, and film studies students.

 After Gladstone High teacher Emmett Pearson was chosen by Actress Kristen Bell to receive free school supplies for students, more than 130 packages arrived from across the nation.
The #10featuredteachers campaign on Instagram encourages fans to donate school supplies to public school students. In a post last week on the Instagram social media app, Bell asked teachers to message her with a picture of themselves, their story and an Amazon wish list for students to share with her followers.

"I think this is such an incredible way to get kids what they need and deserve and help the teachers that are fighting for everyone's education," Bell said in an Instagram video.

Last Friday, 130 packages were delivered to Gladstone High, including multiple class sets of novels, books for film studies and drama classes, Chromebook computers, composition books, I-pads, wireless microphones, pencils, pens, highlighters, backpacks, paper and more.

"Oh, my goodness — what a week!" Pearson said. "I am absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers across the world who support kids! Just this weekend, I sent almost 300 thank-you messages.

"I think my favorite part is that because of the generosity of so many people, I will be able to pay it forward throughout Gladstone High School for years to come," she said. "Access to more digital equipment and Chromebooks in my classroom means I get to develop more integrated lesson plans for English 1 and 2, Creative Writing and Film Studies, while also sharing that equipment with others in the building."

Kristen Bell has also supported teachers in Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Maryland and Texas.

After-school programs build student success

at Kraxberger

Knowing that clubs and activities help students connect with their school, parents and staff at Kraxberger Middle School are expanding the afterschool programs by adding an array of new activities.

"Clubs and activities in the early teen years bring students some important assets they need to thrive," said Principal Len Reed. "Every teen needs an adult mentor, a positive peer group, and the opportunity to build skills as they pursue a personal passion."

New clubs in the fall session will include Art Club, Knitting, Magic Monday, and Recreational Volleyball. Four additional four to six week sessions will offer different clubs in rotation, from cooking and running to Battle of the Books and drama.

The school also has some established clubs that will continue, from Electronics Recycling and two competitive robotics teams to the KAOS after school program, which offers a variety of activities throughout the year.

"We know kids who get involved in after-school activities have improved attendance and are more likely to succeed academically," said Vice Principal Jeff Waters. "Our hope is that every Kraxberger student will find a place to belong and meet new friends who share their interests."

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