Police say that destroying property on porches can be charged as a criminal offense

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office may charge kids with crimes "punishable by law" after they stole and destroyed pumpkins off of Happy Valley porches, city officials said.

PHOTO COURTESY: CITY OF HAPPY VALLEY - A screen shot from a surveillance video shows a group of teenagers running up to a porch in Happy Valley to steal and destroy pumpkins.Happy Valley police are aware of a half-dozen reports over the past weekend of a group of kids dressed in dark clothing smashing pumpkins. Sheriff's deputies are conducting regular patrols in the neighborhoods, said Happy Valley Community Safety Director Steve Campbell.

Several surveillance videos are circulating on social media showing groups of teenagers — one wearing a Clackamas High School lacrosse sweatshirt — smashing pumpkins on residents' porches.

One set of parents said their 4-year-old daughter was inconsolable after they tried to explain why the pumpkin she purchased with her own money was destroyed while the family was at home. Some commenters said that large groups of teens are causing extra havoc with pumpkins this year.

"It's pretty typical activity for this time of year, but I can't necessarily speak to an increase or decrease," Campbell said.

He said two of the kids have been identified, however, the case is still under investigation, so additional details haven't been released. Campbell is calling on parents to talk to their kids about engaging in this activity and saying that all residents should report suspicious activity in their neighborhood.

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