Ceremony, donation anticipate more accidential burns over upcoming holiday season

PHOTO BY: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Happy Valley resident Lisa Macias (left) at an award ceremony for Clackamas Fire and ADT.In honor of National Fire Prevention Month, ADT presented the Clackamas Emergency Services Foundation with a $5,000 check on Oct. 24 as a recognition to firefighters who responded to Happy Valley resident Lisa Macias' fire the month before.

While the fire was small in nature and extinguished prior to arrival of Clackamas firefighters, the presentation from ADT emphasized the importance of having a working smoke alarm in every home. Clackamas Emergency Services Foundation President Kyle Gorman said the $5,000 will go to buy smoke alarms for people in need in the community.

At the time of the fire, around 3 p.m. on Sept. 26, Macias was working from her home.

"I was at home working just typing away working and the dogs were snoring when an alarm went off," she said.

She looked out her home office window and didn't see anything that could have caused the alarm. So she went to the laundry room, since the dryer was on, and saw that the towels on top of the dryer were on fire. She said she started yelling at her dogs to "get out, and for once they listened."

PHOTO BY: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - A burn trailer demonstrates the difference sprinklers can make in reducing the speed a fire burns.Macias used her fire extinguisher on the fire, emptying its entire contents. She then grabbed her phone and went outside to answer a call from ADT. The ADT operator assured her that Clackamas Fire was on their way. After firefighters arrived, they found the fire was out and checked the attic to ensure there wasn't anything smoldering.

"If you can take anything away from the story today, it's get a fire extinguisher and get an alarm," she told the crowd at the Oct. 24 event.

As part of the presentation, Clackamas Fire used its side-by-side burn trailer to demonstrate the importance of a working smoke alarm and the effectiveness of home fire sprinklers. This demonstration showed fire simultaneously ignited in two identical rooms, one outfitted with safety devices, the other not protected.

October's Fire Prevention Month anticipates the increased likelihood of kitchen and candle fires in the coming months during the holidays.

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