This year's theme was Light & Shadows, said Oregon City program leader Cheryl Howell

Teachers at the Eastham early childhood program know that the natural curiosity of toddlers and preschoolers makes science learning fun even in the earliest years of life.

Parents help their preschoolers explore light and shadows during the annual science night event at Eastham Center in Oregon City.That's why the center holds an annual science night, where young children and their parents discover the fun of making science part of everyday learning.

"This year's theme was "Light & Shadows," said program leader Cheryl Howell. "Parents and children had so much fun investigating how light travels and reflects through many different kinds of objects using flashlights and prisms."

In one darkened classroom children squealed with delight while digging and scooping in a bin of glow-in-the-dark cooked pasta. In another room children used light tables, creating pictures using letters and shapes.

"It was sometimes hard to tell who was having more fun while exploring and discovering their way through the many activities teachers provided for our youngest science enthusiasts," Howell said.

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