Every student at John Wetten Elementary receives a personal dictionary in continued tradition

Continuing a long tradition, the Gladstone/Oak Lodge Rotary Club presented each third-grader at John Wetten Elementary with a personal dictionary.

Third-graders at John Wetten Elementary were excited to receive free dictionaries provided by Gladstone/Oak Lodge Rotary. Students immediately began exploring the book, excited to discover it included not only unusual words, but also information about the planets, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, maps of the continents, information about the 50 states, and biographies of the U.S. presidents.

"When I immigrated here from Holland at age 6, I had to learn English," said Rotarian Baldwin Van der Bijl. "My mother repeatedly sent me to the dictionary to look up all the new words I was learning. Our club is excited that every Gladstone student will now have this opportunity."

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