Students broadcast election results from North Clackamas; Kraxberger Middle School saves money on HVAC installation; Tooth Taxi provides free dental care to Gladstone kids

Student anchors are joined by former Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt for the live broadcast.KNCB broadcasted election results live from the Sabin-Schellenberg television studio Nov. 6 beginning at 8 p.m. on Comcast channels 27 and 28 in Clackamas County (depending on where you live).

Watch here:

Student anchors Jake Bushman and Zach Murray were joined by former Oregon House Speaker Dave Hunt to provide commentary and analysis on local, state and national races. The two-and-a-half hour broadcast featured interviews with the candidates for Oregon governor along with House races and representatives from the ballot measures and the 5th Congressional District.

Student reporters used Skype to share information from the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland where the Oregon Democrats held an election night event. Representatives from the Republican Party did not return calls regarding where they were meeting.

Kraxberger saves money on HVAC installation

Gladstone middle schoolers will benefit from more consistent heating and ventilation thanks to a newly installed HVAC system acquired at a bargain price via a study by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. The project is funded by the Energy Trust of Oregon and Northwest Natural.

The $100,000 system, installed at no cost to the Gladstone School District, was provided free because the district is participating in a study of energy savings. The new system is estimated to be 96 percent efficient, a big improvement on the older system, which was only 76 percent efficient.

"This not only provides better climate control within our school, but it will also save taxpayers money," said facilities manager Ryan Johnson. "What a substantial gift to our school."

Tooth Taxi provides free dental care to Gladstone kids

The Gladstone Center for Children and Families (GCCF) hosted a visit from the Tooth Taxi, a mobile dental van that serves children across the state.

Dental van staff provided free dental screenings to every student at John Wetten Elementary and the GCCF. Dentists provided additional services to 38 Gladstone students, including cleanings, sealants, fillings, crowns and extractions. The care provided is valued at over $55,000.

The Arrow Dental van also was onsite providing free care to adults.

"We are grateful to our bus service, First Student, who provided free transportation to students in need of extra care," said GCCF Director Jere Applebee. "They were an enormous help in making this event run smoothly."

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