Grant from SELCO Community Credit Union provides nearly $1,000 to purchase flexible seating

While adults opt for the flexibility of standing desks, many students end up in the same hard school chair all day long.

That's no longer the case at Jennings Lodge Elementary, where a grant from SELCO Community Credit Union provided nearly $1,000 to purchase flexible seating.

Abraham Reyes-Calva tries a wobble stool in math class at Jennings Lodge Elementary School. The flexible seating option gives children a new perspective on learning.Flexible seating can be plastic crates with a cushion at a low table, portable writing desks on the floor, or stand-up slant board tables. The school used the grant funds to buy 22 wobble stools for use throughout the building. These chairs allow students to move side to side or to swing their legs as they sit at a desk.

"When children are allowed a flexible seating option, we see increased concentration, creativity and positive interactions with peers," said school counselor Molliann Berkner. "Flexible seating allows students the ability to change their perspective in the classroom."

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