Adam Valle, 26, arrested with bolt cutters outside city's police headquarters

A man who tried to steal a bike locked up in front of the Gladstone Police Department is now behind bars after police stopped him in the act.

PHOTO COURTESY: GLADSTONE PD - Gladstone police officers unmask an alleged bike thief, Adam Valle, who tried to take a bike from the front of police headquarters.The Dec. 27 incident was caught on security camera. A man, later identified as Adam Valle, walked up to the bike with a pair of bolt cutters.

Gladstone Sgt. Matt Okerman confronted Valle with a Taser, who complied and put down the bolt cutters. Within minutes Valle was handcuffed, pockets searched, unmasked and taken to jail.

Valle now faces three separate charges, police said. Documents show Valle, 26, was arrested in November on similar charges.

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