Music teacher moonlights as children's author; Gardiner Middle School supports cancer research

Beavercreek and McLoughin music teacher Andy Morrow leads a double life. By day, he teaches music in Oregon City School District. By night, he is a children's book author.

Aidan Frerichs (from left), Evan Pong and Isabella Di Francisco, fifth-graders at Beavercreek Elementary, work on illustrations of their school song for a book music teacher and children's author Andy Morrow is creating."I Lost My Moon Cows" was his first book, which he dedicated to the children of Beavercreek and John McLoughlin Elementary. In March, he was the school's visiting author, sharing the writing and publishing process with students.

"Now he's at work on his second book, based on the lyrics of the Beavercreek school song, which he wrote," said Principal Cori Waufle. "Students at the school are illustrating each page, and the book will be available for families to purchase."

Gardiner Middle School supports cancer research

A schoolwide penny drive by students at Gardiner Middle School raised over $2,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in March. The school's annual Pennies for Patients campaign has continued for at least 10 years.

"Our top class raised $573, and one family that has been personally touched by leukemia contributed $577," said Gardiner secretary Micki Vanderpool, who organized the event. "Students learned that every penny counts, and if many kids each bring in a little, it makes a big difference. Collectively they can help others."

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