For September's First Friday in downtown Milwaukie, Chris Haberman and artMOB wanted an 'amazing' art exhibit

For September's First Friday in downtown Milwaukie, Chris Haberman and artMOB wanted an "amazing" art exhibit inside City Hall and another more accessible show in the Bay Gallery in front of City Hall and in three other venues.

PHOTO BY ELISSA DELINE - Clackamas County resident Monika Kralicek mixes paint to get the perfect colors for her Little By Little pieces to be displayed at Milwaukie's First Friday on Sept. 1.And so on Sept. 1, Milwaukie City Hall will have two art events: an exhibit featuring 13 Portland Open Studios artists, as well as Little By Little, a 100-artist show benefiting the Children's Healing Art Project.

Milwaukie City Hall Gallery is curated monthly by Milwaukie's Arts Committee, known as artMOB, with the help of artMOB vice president and lead curator Haberman.

Portland Open Studios

In its 19th year, Portland Open Studios is a well-SUBMITTED PHOTO - Local artist Denise Emmerling-Baker works on a Little By Little piece with her favorite model.known art tour featuring a juried selection of 100 artists throughout the Portland Metro Area, enabling people to visit those artists in their studios during the weekend tours in October.

"Through planning with Milwaukie artist Nanette Wallace, who brought up the idea of a POS group show at one point, we decided to host Portland Open Studios," Haberman said.

This show will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays Sept. 1 to Oct. 2 inside Milwaukie City Hall, 10722 S.E. Main St.

As part of the First Friday events, an artist reception will introduce the exhibit from 5 to 8 p.m. Sept. 1.

The show at City Hall will be a preview featuring 13 of the 100 artists highlighted in the tour, all from the Milwaukie/Sellwood area, Haberman said.

"To my knowledge, this would be the first POS exhibition to have [more than] a dozen artists from the area, which to me is very exciting," he said.

"For Portland Open Studios as an art entity to include Milwaukie as part of the encompassing tour ... it definitely validates [the city] as a place that has prominent creatives," Haberman added.

Wallace will be the only Milwaukie-based artist showing at City Hall. Her work consists primarily of monotype prints and oil paintings, with a focus on figures and portraits. Her paintings are inspired by vintage black and white photographs and her own color photographs.

"I absolutely love to paint; the medium is so rich and luscious, and the process is so wonderfully mystifying," she said.

Other artists showing as part of Portland Open Studios are Kirk Weller, Joanne Mehl, Wayne Jiang, Dotty Hawthorne, Alison O'Donoghue, Isabelle Soule, Jill Torberson, Kelli MacConnell, Rachel Austin, Jeni Lee, Jeanne Fries and Lulu Moonwood.

Visit for more information.

Little By Little

Little By Little is a large group show that mixes artists from different communities; 50 artists from Multnomah County join 50 artists from Clackamas County. Each artist will show five to 10 works on 8-inch-by-8-inch wood panels, for a total of more than 700 pieces of art. All will be for sale at $40 each.

Haberman said he took the title of the show from Charles Baudelaire's remark that "nothing can be done except little by little."

A unique aspect of this show is that none of the artworks will be signed on the front, "which creates an even playing field for the artists, as onlookers only see the art and not the name of the artist," Haberman said.

"[This] type of accessible and affordable show is really an extraordinary community builder," he said.

"It also exposes people to art, which is my sole mission of helping Milwaukie," Haberman added.

The exhibition will be hosted in four venues in downtown Milwaukie, including Milwaukie City Hall Bay Gallery, Cha Cha Cha Taqueria, Painted Lady Coffee and the main gallery, The Beer Store/OneDer Gallery.


The show is a partial benefit for the Children's Healing Art Project, which helps create art lessons and events in schools and hospitals, many times working with children with illness or disease.

"I have worked with CHAP before, donating art and time; it is exceptional and a great cause to bring the healing power of art to sick children," Haberman said.

The organization's innovative and inclusive healing arts programs are provided free of charge to children, teens and families affected by pediatric illness, disability or special need. CHAP provides Oregon's only in-and-out-of-hospital interactive healing arts program.

Learn more about CHAP at

Wilda Parks, Jordan Imlah

The list of participating artists includes local artists Wilda Parks, Jordan Imlah, Denise Emmerling-Baker, Melissa Gannon and Rob Campbell.

Parks, a Milwaukie City Councilor, said it was an honor to be included in Little By Little, as she considers herself more of a learner than an artist.

"This show has a strong charitable factor, and that always attracts me since most of the paintings I do are then given to charities for their auctions or raffles," she said.

Parks said anyone who likes art will enjoy the show and, she added, there is the mystique "of no names on the front of the art, and that each piece of art is only $40; some of these artists sell their other works for hundreds of dollars."

Milwaukie's Public Affairs Specialist Imlah said he wanted to be part of Little By Little because it brings the community together and benefits the Children's Healing Art Project.

"This show also felt much more approachable for someone like me, who doesn't consider himself a professional artist; I feel honored to have the chance to show my work next to some incredibly talented artists that I've admired for a while," he said.

Imlah is primarily working with digital design with some touches in acrylics, and said that the show marks "one of the few times you can say there's something for everybody and have it be completely true."

He added, "There is an amazing array of artwork, using media too numerous to count. You can also take advantage of this unique opportunity to find one-of-a-kind pieces by famous artists for just $40."

Local artists

As an artist, educator and former nurse, Emmerling-Baker said she wanted to be part of this show because it benefits CHAP.

"I also love the infusion of art in the Milwaukie community, the collaboration between artists and businesses, and I support the inclusive, affordable art curating work of Chris Haberman," she said.

Emmerling-Baker works mostly with acrylics and said one of her mixed-media pieces will be about the pain of racism.

"I hope the community will come see this exhibit to help raise awareness and funds for the Children's Healing Art Project, to support local artists and local host businesses, to buy original art at an affordable price, and to meet fun people and have a good time," she added.

Gannon, who works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and oil, has taught classes at the Gladstone Senior Center and elsewhere in the area.

"I like to be part of Chris Haberman's events because it's a way to give something to the community, and it's also a challenge to create the pieces by the deadline," she said.

Gannon's paintings frequently celebrate the beauty of nature, and she noted that her entries will likely depict birds and trees.

Campbell sells his Milwaukie-specific, screenprinted T-shirts on First Fridays and at the Sunday farmers market. For Little By Little, he will print some local signs onto wood panels and also will have some humorous "de-motivating" slogans printed on top of thrift store paintings.

People should support the art events in Milwaukie, Campbell said, because "if we want to get on the map, it's nice to have a thriving art scene."

Although he will be busy organizing and managing everything, Haberman also is an artist and will show some paintings, sculptures, cartoons and comic books at Little By Little.

"Milwaukie is a growing art community, and this show will be an annual gift," he said.

See art! Buy art!

What: artMOB presents two art exhibits as part of Milwaukie's First Friday

When: Opening 5-8 p.m., Friday, Sept. 1; most exhibits will run through Oct. 2

Where: 13 Portland Open Studio artists will show their work at Milwaukie City Hall, 10722 S.E. Main St. Little By Little, featuring the work of 100 artists, will be shown at the following four venues: The Bay Gallery, outside in front of City Hall; Beer Store Milwaukie/OneDer Gallery, 10610 S.E. Main St.; ChaChaCha Taqueria, 11008 S.E. Main St.; and Painted Lady Coffee, 2045 S.E. Washington St.

Details: Milwaukie City Hall Gallery has been active since 2008 with the formation of artMOB, the Milwaukie Arts Committee, created and appointed by Milwaukie City Council back in 2008.

This name is an acronym for art-Milwaukie on Board and also represents the grassroots values of our members. Visit for more information.

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