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by: PHOTO BY RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Petitioners are upset that an organization opposing a proposed vote on Oregon City urban-renewal decisions has put out a guide using newsprint similar to the official Voters' Pamphlet.I was surprised to see an ad on TV with Rep. Patrick Sheehan claiming that he funded education adequately. If you have kids in school or are a teacher, you know that isn’t true. My kids go to school in the North Clackamas district, where we have cut school days, closed schools, and where my children sit in huge classes due to there being 25% fewer teachers. Sheehan didn’t stop with ignoring the state of our schools, but also resorted to calling his opponent Shemia Fagan a liar because she cares enough about our schools to point out that they are underfunded. The Oregon House needs serious people to make tough decisions so that we can in fact improve funding for our schools. Shemia Fagan, full of common sense and an unstoppable work ethic, is the right choice for HD 51, and I strongly urge people in her district to vote for her.

Dena Hellums

Happy Valley

Lehan and Damon: a win for the county

Charlotte Lehan is no bully. In the years I have known her, she has proved herself over and over again to be an intelligent, practical and caring individual with generations-deep connections in our region. She has proven her love for our history and a passion for our future - and the ability to get things done.

Jamie Damon is quite possibly the most ethical politician I have ever had the pleasure to meet. With her back-to-the-basics lifestyle and international perspective, coupled with her extensive expertise in bringing people together, she’s just what we need to bring balance and civility to our county government.

Lehan and Damon: a winning team for Clackamas County.

William Gifford

Oregon City

Not that Paddy Sheehan!

State Rep. Patrick D. Sheehan is giving me a bad name.

I didn’t mind sharing his name, until I found out that he was hosting fundraisers with lobbyists and started attacking his opponent’s former work experience (as a college student!). Then I had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with his opponent, Shemia Fagan, who knocked on my door recently. Her passion for our schools is refreshing—I can tell she’s serious about strengthening our schools because of what Oregon schools did for her.

I want our elected leaders to set a good example, and I want my children to be able to learn in a school system that is not harmed by rising class sizes and teachers being laid off! In the end, making up my mind to vote was pretty easy.

Say what you will about going against my heritage, this Patrick Sheehan voted for Shemia Fagan for state representative.

Patrick K. Sheehan


Beware of teabaggers

I am very worried from my observations as to what is going on in our county.

It seems that there is a group of teabaggers (I use that term because most of the people who support the Tea Party do not know what the original Tea Party protest was about) trying to take out local governments.

We should be working with all of the Tri-County governments to make the area better for all. All we have to do is look west to see how Washington Couty has grown. We have the assests (people, land, small and large businesses) to surpass Portland. Why would we not want to?

But this group does not want to be part of this. They want Clackamas County to isolate itself and somehow go it alone.

They are opposed to light rail. Take the train to Hillsboro, Gresham or the Expo Center. Look at all the small businesses that have grown at the stops. The same thing will happen here. Let’s grow our economy.

They object to costs. Until 1980, we have always been able to grow our way out of large deficits. We did it after the enormous debt left by World War II. Now we have supply-side economics (voodoo economics as the president called it), which has exploded our debt. We can overcome that too, but we have to work together and not be afraid of growth.

We need to elect people who want to grow our county, and I believe Lehan and Damon will do that.

Robert P. Johnson


Fagan for education

Education is not just a checkmark for elected officials to add to their resume or a campaign sound bite. It is the fundamental issue for Oregon.

Shemia Fagan understands that investing in stable, sustainable education funding is the only way to build a capable workforce that will help make Oregon competitive—regionally and globally. Her direct experience on the David Douglas School Board, and as a new parent, gives her the insight, commitment and intelligence necessary to support our kids, our community and our economy.

Vote to send Shemia Fagan to the Oregon State Legislature.

Kyle K. Walker

North Clackamas School Board member

Chamber endorses Pauli

The Board of Directors for the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously to endorse Carol Pauli for Position 2 on the Oregon City Commission.

Carol has a proven track record of community involvement by organizing the 7th Street Celebration and Fill a Stocking Fill a Heart events. She has served on city committees and was chosen by the current Oregon City Commissioners to fill a vacant seat on the City Commission.

Carol Pauli is an active member of the Oregon City Chamber as owner of the Midway Historic Public House and understands the important concepts of business/employment lands contributing to the tax base. Carol’s experience and common sense approach bring balance to the commission and represent the views and needs of citizens and businesses in our community.

Amber Holveck

Executive director

Churchill for City Council

Scott Churchill, a candidate for Milwaukie City Council, is one of my neighbors. We have frequently spoken about issues the city was/is undertaking and I have always been impressed with his breadth and depth of understanding of the problems and possible solutions. I do not impress easily! He has earned my respect and admiration for the way he lives his life.

It has been easy to identify his commitment to his family, his neighborhood and the city.

His work on the Planning Commission and with the library has been a genuine sterling benefit to the city. I have lived here for 45 years and have seen some real door stops, dimbulbs and potted plants elected.

We could not do better than this quiet, serious, dedicated man. His opponent is right: (“Milwaukie candidates seek big changes,” Oct. 17), Scott Churchill is a “cool guy.” This is the guy we want voting on our neighborhood and city


Jean Baker


No more games

As a high school student, I know how difficult large class sizes are on kids. Large classes and mandatory excused periods have impeded students’ learning, and left us at a disadvantage.

I was disappointed to see that Rep. Patrick Sheehan attacked Mrs. Shemia Fagan for addressing underfunded schools. Rep. Sheehan is playing politics instead of addressing the real issue: improving public education.

I was taught to respect all people, no matter how much I disagreed with them, but my state representative is attacking Mrs. Shemia Fagan’s character instead of the real issues. This is the reason my generation is often too discouraged to get engaged.

I can’t vote yet, but I’ll be urging all my family and friends who can vote to vote for Shemia Fagan. I want real change, not more political games.

Alex Parini

Happy Valley

Reisner cares about Gladstone

I am supporting Neal Reisner, who is running for Gladstone City Council Position 4, because he cares about Gladstone.

This is evident by his involvement in different aspects with the city and school district since he moved in as my neighbor over 22 years ago. Over the years, Neal has sought out my opinion while making discussions to keep our great community livable.

On the Budget Committee he suggested changes, which were adopted by the City Council. As a Gladstone School Board member plus a Parks and Recreation Board member, he was always thinking of the kids first because they were the most affected. For most of the last 22 years Neal has also been a member of the Planning Commission and is currently the Chairman.

He has volunteered hundreds of hours with the city and school district, plus being a youth sports coach with the hope of keeping our community great. Please join me in voting for Neal Reisner.

Marsha Gordon


Busch improving OC

Why would someone like Tom O’Brien try to insinuate the Busch family is not worthy of urban-renewal support (Letters, Oct. 17)?

The guidelines for the grants in downtown Oregon City were established to seek more rapid improvements in this area. The grant application was fully vetted in the Urban Renewal Commission and awarded.

With Obrien’s thoughtless editorial comments, he has managed to offend the oldest continuous business in Oregon City. It appears it was done to try to score political points. All that was done by the Buschs was to follow the rules. Obviously if O’Brien didn’t like the guidelines, he could have attacked them and not a business who was simply following those guidelines.

The comparison to other development outside the urban-renewal district is not relevant since there is no option for use of urban renewal, at this point, in the Hilltop area. Fortunately, there was much infrastructure improvements in the Hilltop when the urban-renewal district was open in that area and businesses are taking advantage of those improvements.

Making urban-renewal decisions political is not good for Oregon City, vote no on 3-497.

Don Slack

Oregon City

You’ need to regain trust

I’m sick of being punished by exorbitant property taxes. Supporting Meausre 3-407 says, “Get a clue, government and business leaders.”

We will not stand by and allow further mismanagement of our hard-earned money. You had your chance and have profited considerably by suspicious decisions and by destroying those honest individuals who dare to oppose you.

You are the ones who have caused this dilemma and seem to be screaming all sorts of “doom and gloom” predictions. Well, so be it. You have left the honest citizens of Oregon City angry. You no longer deserve a free rein and the opportunity for personal gratification at our expense.

Yes, perhaps the urban-renewal-money management may become more cumbersome for you to manipulate, but until trust can be restored to this city, you should no longer assume the sole responsibility of managing large sums of tax money.

Juanita McMillin

Oregon City

Think two Scotts

For at least 20 years Milwaukie has been known as the city of the “done deal,” meaning that anything the masters on the dais want, they get, the citizens be damned. We’ve tried everything, even recalling three councilors in 1997, but nothing worked. I have a theory about this: when you elect a person to council, she or he thinks you are the smartest person on the planet because you realized they were the best person for the job, and six months later they don’t think you’ve got enough sense to pour sand out of a boot. Human nature.

To swing the odds more in our favor, I think we should analyze this a little further. First of all, who should we automatically eliminate from any consideration for our council?

A short list: Downtown business owners—they could tend to play a little monopoly, thus losing sight of public interest. By the way, is there an Adams Street on a Monopoly board?

Corporate attorneys. Most of them are completely honest, but if their firm is large enough it will have been employed, at least peripherely, on a Metro or TriMet project, making conflict of interest inevitable. It would further erode our self-determination and independence. If you’ve ever seen any Milwaukie councilors at a Metro gathering over the years, you’d know what I mean. They tend to act like bobble-head dolls, bowing and scraping at everything spewed out by the local masters of Orwellian doublespeak.

Employees of any local government, such as a county or transit authority, or anything of that nature. Conflict? Obvious. What does the boss want me to do on that issue? Subliminal thoughts can wreak havoc on actions.

Photographers. When they peer through that view-finder it tends to make almost everything a little fuzzy and distorted, and would most probably affect their judgement.

At this time we are sitting at the crossroads of many major decisions. We need clear-headed thinking and vision to keep on track to at last finish the Riverfront Park project, something that has been sidetracked many times before. This is the one major project that will show the region that Milwaukie has changed its mindset, and will go forward with the park and develop it into the jewel we’ve long envisioned.

My choice for the two candidates who have the vision, intelligence and credentials to work with existing council members and staff to accomplish that goal are Scott Churchill and Scott Barbur.

These are two multifaceted men, who have the capabilities to help bring Milwaukie to heights often promised but never realized. When you vote for council, just think two Scotts.

Ed Zumwalt


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