It’s been a bit over five years since Joe Loomis encouraged me to apply for an opening on the council.

I’m glad he did. It’s been an honor representing the people of Milwaukie.

A number of folks have asked me why I chose not to run again.

When I joined the council, my main goal was to improve the process of decision-making: decisions made with all available information and cordially, and once made, everyone’s decision, no matter the division on the council to begin with. That goal’s been met. The city is in good hands.

There remain many important initiatives for the city: completing Riverfront Park, expanding the library, making light rail part of Milwaukie (rather than the other way around), developing walkable neighborhood hubs.

Councilors understand that they are representatives: the most important thing residents can do to shape city initiatives is to tell councilors what residents want councilors to do on their behalf. (Advice for advocates: personal attacks don’t help a cause; neither does saying the same thing over and over). If you stay silent, others make decisions for you.

Although I won’t be on the council, I will still be representing the people of Milwaukie and environs, this time on the board of Clackamas Community College.

I’ll be coming through the community to learn what residents want from their college and doing my best to make that happen.

Milwaukie Councilor Greg Chaimov will step down from City Council at the end of this year. He was appointed to the Board of Education at Clackamas Community College on Oct. 17.

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