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Hats off to our City Council for the $30,00 grant to preserve history at the Milwaukie Museum (“History in the making,” April 9).

by: FILE PHOTO: RAYMOND RENDLEMAN - Greg 'Frank' Hemer of the Milwaukie Historical Society  looks forward to help from consultants to organize exhibits at the Milwaukie Museum, including this alligator skin left over from the citys defunct amusement park.It was Chris McDonald who planted the seed, giving her expertise and energy in establishing the museum on Adams Street.

Alice Downs


Savas has integrity

I was nauseated to read about Clackamas County Commission Chair John Ludlow’s most recent perversion of Commissioner Paul Savas’ record. The people deserve governance that conveys honesty and integrity — neither of which were represented in Ludlow’s vile comments.

“It’s just politics,” is not an acceptable response to such behavior. We should never excuse lies told to erode someone’s reputable character by someone in pursuit of power.

Paul Savas has earned a reputation for being an honest, thoughtful and respectful commissioner by his enthusiastic engagement with the citizens of our county and his considerate votes on our behalf. Savas is exactly who we want in that position — and exemplifies a sharp contrast to the values of those who want him out.

Patrick Sheehan

Happy Valley

Savas: Outstanding commissioner

As a former nurse of 35 years and owner of apartment complexes and rental properties, I have come into contact with numerous outstanding business owners. When I see someone who is as dedicated to help and serve the citizens with honesty and integrity as Paul Savas is, I am impressed.

We need a person like this for our Clackamas County Commission. Paul Savas has operated his own business and knows what is necessary to be successful. Clackamas County is a business and we need good people to run it. Paul Savas is that person.

His opponent Karen Bowerman comes from California and has only been here for less than four years. We are not California, and we need an experienced person who knows our county. Vote for Paul Savas and keep him as our commissioner.

Jo Haverkamp

Oregon City

Let’s right previous wrongs

I am in total support of Chairman John Ludlow’s endorsements. Do we remember why both Chair Ludlow and Commissioner Tootie Smith were elected to the Clackamas County Commission? It is because of the decisions the previous commission were making. Rather than listen to the citizens of Clackamas County, they chose to listen to their campaign contributors instead. The two incumbents, Jim Bernard and Paul Savas, were a part of the previous commission. Both Chair Ludlow and Commissioner Tootie Smith were elected to right the wrongs of the previous commission.

When Jim Bernard ran for mayor of Milwaukie, he stated that “as long as I am mayor, there will be no light rail in Milwaukie.” So he buys downtown property and then sells it to TriMet for $20,000. This sounds like a conflict of interest.

As far as Paul Savas is concerned, he was outvoted by the by the previous commission 4-1 most of the time. By electing both Chair Ludlow and Commissioner Smith, this should help with a 3-2 edge on the commission in support of Clackamas County voters, rather than the campaign contributors.

Since the election and the evening John and Tootie were sworn in, Commissioner Paul Savas has done nothing but fight John and Tootie. It is obvious that he still wants to be chair of the commission. It is almost as if he has switched sides. I have wondered about this since then. Then I get an email with an invitation to attend a fundraiser for Paul, hosted by former Commissioner Ann Lininger (a Democrat) who did not seek re-election, and one month after leaving office went to work for Oregon Iron Works. Charlotte Lehan has since gone to work for Metro.

Paul has also had trouble making decisions. He keeps saying that he needs more information. This when the other four commissioners say that they have plenty of information. It is almost like he is using this as a stall tactic.

A debate was held recently between Paul Savas and Karen Bowerman which you can find on the CCC website. In this debate Karen shined, and Paul was stumbling for words. With this said, Paul had a lot of trouble defending his decisions.

Like John and Tootie, Steve Bates and Karen Bowerman want what the majority of voters want. So I encourage Clackamas County voters to support both Steve and Karen. This gives Clackamas County a win-win situation all the way around. This guarantees that the people will be heard.

Jeff Molinari


Thanks a lot, Ludlow

In a recent letter, Former State Rep. Patrick Sheehan criticized County Chairman John Ludlow for Ludlow’s article encouraging the removal of Commissioners Savas and Bernard, as “lacking honesty and integrity” and “misleading.” I, on the other hand, appreciate the information contained in Commissioner Ludlow’s article. It has given me a clear indication of who I should NOT vote for in the coming election.

Ludlow reveals that the candidates Bates and Bowerman are both very much in the Ludlow/Smith mold: anti-development, anti-union, and solidly aligned with his lack-of-leadership philosophy, a populist style that entails putting every decision up for a costly vote, whether or not that vote would be legally binding or have any real effect.

I am grateful to Ludlow for making my task as a voter easier by reducing my list of candidates by two.

Peter Bellamy

Oregon City

Tootie for Congress

The May Primary Election to select a candidate to face Congressman Kurt Schrader next November is a serious race. At stake: a very real opportunity to unseat Kurt Schrader, who voted for Obamacare without reading the bill, and the urgent opportunity to replace and repeal Obamacare.

Tootie Smith has won multiple elections within the boundaries in Congressional District 5, and she knows how to get the job done; she knows how to take out an entrenched Democrat incumbent. She will not be distracted in this critical mission by a well-meaning, but very inexperienced young opponent who is desperate to get publicity.

Republicans are glad to see that she will not allow our primary election to be turned into a media circus. Her sights are set on Kurt Schrader — her campaign is aimed at winning in November.

Cindy OeDell


Best for county

I admire Paul Savas. Why? I was an electrical-engineering graduate from Oregon State University and a registered professional engineer for the state of Oregon. In engineering you look at the problem, gather the facts, evaluate them and make an informed decision. This is not an immediate procedure and should take some thought time.

This is exactly what Paul Savas does. He thinks about the problem and evaluates it. We need that type of person in our Clackamas County Commission.

His opponent, Karen Bowerman, seems the opposite. Coming from California four years ago, she immediately tried for a seat against Kurt Schrader for U.S. representative which failed. After failing she went for Lake Oswego City Council. Now, after less than half of her term, she wants to be a Clackamas County commissioner, which would be the third try in four years. What is her obsession with political office? Looking at the Internet, I see comments that say “Carpetbagger, go back to California.” This is interesting since they come from Lake Oswego residents.

We need Paul Savas and his thorough study of our problems. He inspires trust, is not a lackey of special interests and will give his best for Clackamas County.

Larry Haverkamp

Oregon City

Ludlow’s inappropriate actions

This weekend I received an email from Karen Bowerman, candidate for Clackamas County commissioner. I was appalled at the content!

It was a letter of endorsement from John Ludlow for her and contained one untruth after another! I find it very inappropriate that he’d do such a despicable thing while representing the county as chairman of the Board of Commissioners!

I’m also appalled Karen Bowerman is so desperate as to sink so low. I’d have thought better of her. I feel her endorsement by John Ludlow is truly unfortunate. Having attended the Board of Commissioners meetings, it’s obvious Ludlow and Tootie Smith have their own agenda, and neither are in the best interest of the citizens of Clackamas County. I’m sorry Karen Bowerman has chosen to “jump in their camp.”

I think it is inappropriate for an elected Republican official to endorse one candidate in a Primary Election when they have an opponent! In my opinion this will cost Bowerman votes rather than win votes for her. I wish she’d shown more strength of character to be her own person and not Ludlow’s puppet.

She shouldn’t have run against another Republican when, at the time she filed, she could have filed against a Democrat. I’m truly disappointed in her!

I know she has heard of President Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Obviously, if John Ludlow has, he choses to ignore it and continue his “schoolyard bully” tactics!

Joy Lott

Oak Grove

Resist carbon tax

The president is proposing yet more tax increase on oil and gas companies. How could this make any sense? The cost to fill my car continues to rise but their solution is to make it even more expensive by raising the cost of producing it?

I realize that many factors can cause gas prices to fluctuate, but higher taxes are fixed costs that are always passed on to consumers. We don’t need the Obama Administration making gas prices even higher. Oregon consumers can’t afford it.

I hope that Senator Wyden, Senator Merkley and the entire Oregon congressional delegation will resist calls to raise taxes on energy companies or even consider an ill-advised carbon tax. We don’t need higher energy costs which would hurt every citizen and our fragile economy.

John Lee


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