Karen Bowerman for Clackamas County commissioner is a vote for business and control of government spending.

Leadership and action mean Karen Bowerman. Karen is ready to stop light rail without a vote of people. Decisions made in Clackamas County impact all of us as TriMet builds more and more projects against the voters’ will. Almost $200 million was spent on the Columbia River Crossing. It should give all residents in the metro area pause. Who is paying for the debt on TriMet projects? Clackamas County needs to push back on, not cave, to TriMet and Metro pressure for these ineffective costly projects, lest the taxpayer back is totally shattered. Karen sees the truth and stands her ground for voters.

The Lake Oswego water treatment project was over engineered at an extremely high cost, as it is being constructed on geologically unstable ground. Karen called for the forensic accounting audit which uncovered that the project’s books had been cooked on costs. Karen was one of only two city councilors to vote against the project. Karen researches issues and stands her ground against the forces of condescending government staff and crony engineering and construction firms.

An accomplished businesswoman, Karen understands pressures on business and how to alleviate them to create a friendly business climate. She takes a common sense, business approach into government as an effective city councilor who understands the inner workings of counties and cities. Karen is not afraid to surround herself with strong leaders working with them to achieve common goals. She makes decisions based on facts and principles of free markets and small government.

Debra Mervyn is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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