Steve Johnson's pathetic attack on Gladstone mayor; Can police enforce safety in time for school year?; Yes on 3-517

I didn't see any facts in Steve Johnson's opinion piece from last week telling Mayor Tammy Stempel to follow rules. Show links to actual events including your involvement, Steve. Show where Mrs. Stempel did not recuse herself from the Fire Department situation. There should be council minutes, right?

The fact is that payments made to businesses and tenants are common when a government agency affects their livelihoods. That was a borderline illegal land grab... and weren't you on the council at that time?

You also had two sitting councilors who used to vote with you who considered seating you again after the recall, but thankfully they couldn't come up with enough votes. You were recalled, and the housecleaning likely has not gone far enough.

Corruption, yes. It is obvious when a person starts looking at things. There will be plenty to come on that for readers in the future. I think our current mayor is working at stopping that and creating a more transparent government, yet she is still beleaguered by your former cohorts.

What we don't have now is a plethora of executive sessions being used to make decisions now that you, fellow recalled City Councilor Kim Sieckmann and City Administrator Eric Swanson are gone.

Have some shame and understand you were recalled and quietly go sneak into the council of some other small town if you have to have the power, or do the right thing and leave the political realm altogether. Mudslinging at this point and hoping something sticks just makes you look like a sad, sad human being.

Patrick Mathis


Can police enforce safety in time for school year?

I read the article "Clackamas County works to protect kids at crosswalks" in the July 19 paper with interest.

I keep thinking about the unsafe conditions on River Road at Riverside and Jennings Lodge elementary schools especially at the end of the school day. Instead of parents driving through the process set up to safely pick up their children, some parents feel like their time is more important to them and the rules don't apply to them for safety. The parents are parking on the east side of River Road in the bike/ped lane and just walk straight across the street in front of the vehicles. It is up to the vehicles to keep from hitting them.

When they come through after school, the parents and children run between the school buses and parked vehicles and run out in front of the vehicles on River Road crossing from the school side to the east side. It is not only illegal (not a corner and not using the crosswalk) but so very unsafe making the vehicle driver the victim if they can't stop in time to keep from hitting them even at 20 mph. Parents and children alike just bolt out across the street. They don't even look. They're just there.

For Riverside, I know for a fact the North Clackamas School District Office, school and Clackamas County Sheriff's Office have been contacted, several times, but the unsafe decisions of the parents have been allowed to continue.

Sue Conachan

Oak Grove

Yes on 3-517

On Sept. 19, the city of Oregon City will hold an important special election with a measure titled "Bonds for Police and Municipal Court Facility" on the ballot.

The question will be "Shall Oregon City issue bonds in a principal amount up to $16 million to provide police and municipal court facility?" With approval of the measure, a new police and municipal facility will be built.

A yes vote on this measure will not allow any new taxes. Similar to the library funding, the revenue stream is already in place to repay the bonds. This measure simply gets the citizens' approval to proceed with the bond financing.

To vote in this special election, you must have a valid Oregon City address and be registered to vote. There is still plenty of time to register, given the last day to register is Aug. 29. Registering online makes this process very easy.

Your yes vote will initiate the process to get the police and municipal court building underway. More information about the ballot measure and the proposed facility can be found on the website

Please vote YES on 3-517!

Nick Dierckman

Oregon City

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