Margaret Pritchard was inspiration for women-owned businesses; Vote yes on Measure 3-517; No property rights?

We are saddened to hear that Margaret Pritchard, a Newspaper clippinglongtime Chamber member and advocate for women-owned businesses, passed away on July 29 at the age of 87 ("Oak Lodge pioneering engineer dies," Aug. 23).

When I first joined our Chamber as a member, I remembered her being one of the first individuals who introduced herself to me. When I became an employee of this Chamber, she had only words of encouragement for me. Margaret always had a smile on her face and good story to tell. Our heart-felt condolences go out to her family and friends.

Laura Edmonds

CEO of the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce

No property rights?

I think I finally understand the divide in America between city and rural folk.

Aug. 21, as you all know, was "Eclipse Day" and while my wife and I reside on 20 acres in rural Clackamas County, I was well aware of the event. My awareness, if not due to press reports for over a month leading up the event, but for the heavy traffic in my neighborhood the morning of.

When my wife and I awoke and made our first trip to the backyard, we were astonished by the amount of vehicles parked on the southeast corner of what is commonly referred to as "Clarkes Four Corners" without permission. They were all parked in the gravel lot that is used to bale and load Christmas trees during harvest. As the number of trespassers grew and the gravel lot became full, the city-goers were not deterred; they merely parked on the lawn next to the gravel lot. (Now I wonder what would happen if us country folks would go to town some day and park on their lawn?) But wait; it gets better.

Factoring in travel time to/from whatever city they came from and heavy traffic, they could have conceivably been away from home for three to four hours. Using basic arithmetic, even a city-goer could have figured this out. Additionally, even an inexperienced parent could have deduced that little Jimmy probably could not go three to four hours without urinating. Well, again not to be deterred, the first young lady challenged with this problem merely marched little Jimmy across the street to our yard and one of our trees. When I became aware of this incident, I walked toward the young lady as she scurried back to the lot where she was trespassing and hollered out from 100 feet, "Is he done and does he need any paper?" The young lady didn't respond as if to not understand the offer I was making. Later as we switched between watching the eclipse and the disgusting city-goers, we witnessed at least three other "Little Jimmies" relieving themselves in the Christmas trees.

Again I wonder, if country folk were to venture to the city and relieve ourselves in someone's yard, would we be as welcome?

Again, I think I finally understand the divide in America between city-goers and rural folk. City-goers have property rights and rural folk don't!

Steve Daiker


Editor's note: Last week's coverage of the eclipse included photographs and quotes from people at a different Christmas tree farm near Clarkes farther south on Beavercreek Road, where the property owner had given permission to visitors to watch the eclipse.

Vote yes on Measure 3-517

Your YES vote on Measure 3-517 will NOT increase taxes or fees! It WILL provide a much-needed community safety facility for Oregon City. This building will house the police department and municipal courts.

The city has already purchased the Mt. Pleasant School property as the site for the new facility. It has adequate land and is an ideal location. Because it was owned by the Oregon City School District, it was already off the tax rolls.

The benefits of the new facility to the community are numerous and the method to pay for it is already in place. Why then do we need you to VOTE YES on 3-517? To build the new facility now, Oregon City must issue a bond. City Charter requires that all bonded indebtedness go to a vote of the people. What we need is your permission to spend the money the city is already collecting.

This is a WIN-WIN scenario for everyone. Please tell you friends and neighbors to VOTE YES ON 3-517!

Thom Batty

Oregon City

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