The Sept. 19 special election includes Measure 3-517 which will approve issuing of bonds to build the planned police and municipal court facility

The Sept. 19 special election includes Measure 3-517 which will approve issuing of bonds to build the planned police and municipal court facility. This measure does NOT authorize the city to raise your TAXES or FEES. The city already owns the replacement property and will sell the current property to help fund the new facility. A YES vote allows the city to issue revenue bonds which will be paid with money that is already being collected.

RENDERING COURTESY: SCOTT MOORE, GROUP MACKENZIE ARCHITECT - Oregon City's new police station is designed with a public plaza at its front entrance honoring both fallen Officer Robert Libke and the former Mt. Pleasant Elementary School building. For many years, the Oregon City Police Department has been housed in a facility consisting of portable, doublewide trailers and containers that were intended for temporary use. Over time, the population of Oregon City doubled in size. The current facility has become too small to accommodate our community's needs and is seismically unsafe. By the year 2022, Oregon State Statute requires the police department to be in a building that meets seismic standards and codes.

A modern police station will:

? Allow victims to be interviewed in privacy

? Enable the public to conduct their city, police, and municipal court business with confidentiality

? Keep the public separated and safe from criminal suspects

? Provide a secure facility and surroundings to improve safety for the public and the police/municipal court employees

? Include an Emergency Operations Center to ensure our city can continue to function in a large-scale disaster

Please join us in voting yes on this important issue. Keep Oregon City safe with no new TAXES and no additional FEES.

Dan Holladay

Oregon City mayor

Renate Mengelberg, Brian Shaw and Nancy Ide

City commissioners

Support police bond Measure 5-317

Since our police department moved to its current home almost 40 years ago, Oregon City has more than doubled in population and has almost twice the number of police department employees. The police department is now busting at the seams, in an unsafe building that would probably collapse in an earthquake. How can our police, our first responders, protect us in an earthquake if their facility is destroyed?

As a local business owner for 10 years, I have had incredibly positive interactions with our police. Our business has been burglarized three times and, as the result of fabulous police work, the police caught the bad guy two out of three times! The police have been extremely professional and helpful in all my interactions with them. I especially appreciate when a patrol car slows down in front of my business to make sure that everything is OK.

I have the utmost respect for our dedicated law enforcement officers. They truly need a new facility, and, since passage of this bond measure will not raise taxes or allow additional fees from Oregon City residents, voting "yes" on the measure is a no brainer.

Vote "yes" on Measure 3-517.

Vicki Yates

Oregon City

Facility would be bright, new landmark

My husband, Rob Libke, was killed in 2013 protecting a family in Oregon City. I wholeheartedly support and endorse the efforts to build a new Public Safety Center at the old Mt. Pleasant School site. I am very proud to know Rob's name will be on the facility that represents safety and security for Oregon City. As his wife, my goal is to make sure that Rob's name and legacy are never forgotten.

Rob was a very level headed man who valued family and community above all else. He was not a fan of unnecessary expenditures or unwarranted taxation. Voting YES on measure 3-517 does not raise taxes or fees. Voting YES allows Oregon City leaders to use funding they have already secured to begin construction — let's get this built!

Using a property already owned by Oregon City is a great idea. The new facility will be a safe destination for the Oregon City community, a place for children to play and learn and a place for community gatherings and meetings. This will be bright, new landmark for a growing and healthy Oregon City.

The plan for the facility is well thought out by people I have come to know, respect and love. I believe it will be a beautiful space where Rob, our daughter Ziva and I would have spent many warm summer days or evenings. Even though Ziva and I no longer live in the Oregon City area, we are still regular visitors to Oregon City and good friends with Chief Band and others at OCPD.

Ziva will soon be 4 years old and I look forward to the day she can play in the grass outside a facility that bears her father's name.

Ziva and I will be forever grateful for this monument to a good man and great Oregon City police officer. Please vote YES on 3-517.

Wendy Libke


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