Thank you for covering this unacceptable situation in the Elections Office of Clackamas County

Thank you for covering this unacceptable situation in the Elections Office of Clackamas County ("Votes rejected due to non-matching signatures," Oct. 4).

This happened to me in the 2000 vote; I was a registered Republican. Kevin Mannix was running against Ted Kulongoski.

I received a letter about 30 days after the election informing me that my ballot was thrown out due to my signature not matching the one on file.

However, the letter was all I received: Not included was a copy of my "on-file" signature, or my signature from the election mail-in ballot. So while you would think I was entitled to a copy of each signature, instead I had nothing, no evidence of mismatched signatures.

Trust me, I felt like it was a dirty trick since it was a heated R vs. D race for governor. It smelled fishy, because I was notified a month after the election, and zero evidence was provided me as to why I was disenfranchised from the vote.

After receiving the letter, I went to the Elections Office, which was then in Gladstone. I presented my question, the puzzle as to why I was kicked out of the election. I asked to see my on-file signature.

When they finally brought it out, it looked exactly how I always sign my name. Even though that is what I expected to see, I was very unhappy that this took place. I felt violated — that I was a crime victim. Not only was it illegal for the vote to be handled in such a sloppy manner, it also could have easily appeared to be rigging the vote.

For one thing, the envelopes are all barcoded, so the Elections Office knows exactly who this ballot in this envelope came from; they know which party this person is registered to and they know how this person has voted in the past. It is an easy thing to envision partisan politics happening inside the Elections Office, with these tools and techniques available.

Mail-in voting is not trustworthy, and you can see why I think that.

Since that took place in 2000, we now have video proof, straight from the horse's mouth, that the Democratic Party has been stealing elections for the past 50 years. In 2016, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas Action found Democratic operatives entertaining dark notions about how to win elections, as reported by the Washington Post.

Thank you for shedding light on the likely corrupt practices that are going on but which are outside the view of the public.

Eric Garland


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