Thank you, Milwaukie Santa, local Christmas hero; Sen. Alan Olsen right to ignore environment

I recently took my children to an amazing event called Milwaukie Santa.

PHOTO BY ELLEN SPITALERI - Keith McDonley, in costume as Milwaukie Santa, is a familiar sight to motorists passing by his home on Southeast Clackamas Road. He handed out more than 70 free Christmas trees this year.It's a family that go in their driveway and give out Christmas trees, cookies and cocoa, free visits and photos with Santa and more!

They are collecting toys for needy kids and I was told they are sponsoring over 40 local children that would otherwise get no Christmas gifts! How awesome is that?

I guess they've done this for many years!

In this selfish, all-about-me world, this family truly shows the true meaning of Christmas!

They are at 8212 S.E. Clackamas Road in unincorporated Milwaukie.

Kelly Walters


Olsen right to ignore environment

Will someone please tell Mr. Bob Cordell of Redland (Letters, Dec. 6) that Sate Sen. Alan Olsen is right to ignore the environment?

The Bible says that God is going to pretty much destroy or lay waste to this planet before his son comes back to rule and reign. Everything is going to get worse and worse (earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, wildfires — think California — tidal waves and violence by man will increase on Earth).

Read Revelation (chapters 6, 7 or 8) or Matthew 24 or Luke 21. This will come to pass, and millions and millions of people will die. That's what the Bible says, Mr. Cordell.

All of these things are happening now, and it will only get worse. And God says nothing man can do will stop it. Because God is in control and directs everything according to his will and plan. Global warming will get worse, period!

Check me out, read your Bible; it says it all. Perilous times shall come in the last days (2 Timothy 3:1-5).

Sen. Olsen has it right; he probably knows what I know, biblically speaking.

Don Juchemich


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