Diagnosis leads to decision to attend virtual school; Should NRA be the issue?

In honor of National School Choice Week, Jan. 21-27, I have decided to write about my choice to attend online school over mainstream public school.

I am currently a junior at Oregon Connections Academy, a virtual public charter school. One may wonder what possesses a student to exchange their desk for a laptop; I used to wonder the same thing. That is, until I was diagnosed with RND, a wide-spread pain disorder comparable to fibromyalgia.

I began freshman year at Oregon City High School. When I got my diagnosis, I was forced to complete an intense physical therapy boot camp. This boot camp interfered with my school hours, so I had to transfer to Connections Academy.

Physical therapy was grueling, but with the support and guidance of my virtual school, I came out of it stronger than ever. After I completed my three months of boot camp, I decided to continue my education virtually.

Now, I am able to maintain a weekday job with the Oregon City School District, volunteer with my church and take an extra class, all because of the flexibility of Connections Academy. I would recommend considering virtual school to anyone struggling with the lack of personal accommodations offered in mainstream classrooms.

Anna Murphy

Oregon City

Should the NRA be the issue?

This is a response to Mr. Pentheny's Jan. 10 letter to your paper.

There were 699,000 abortions performed in the USA in 2016! Ref.

There were 963 police shootings in 2016! Ref. Washington Post.

There were 6,000 shootings, including drug-related shootings, in 2014. Ref. FBI annual report of 2014.

So, these numbers beg the question: Is the NRA really the issue?

Lee Rosson


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