Readers support Pamela White, Brian Shaw, Mike Mitchell, Tami Little, Lisa Batey

Keeping our elections in Clackamas County ethical, free of errors, easliy accessible and transparent is one of the most important things that a democracy should strive for and a county clerk is the one responsible for making sure that that happens. That's why it amazes me that our present county clerk is still in office after multiple ethics violations and mistakes on ballots.

It's time for a new competent county clerk. Pamela White has 25 years in non-profit work with 8 of those years in executive management. She has exceptional organizational management skills, strong budgeting skills and a strong ethical mandate. Besides that, her go get things done attitude combined with a sparkling personality will bring a much needed change to the county clerk's office.

Steve Kindred, a recently retired Clackamas County Manager, is supporting Pamela White.

Naomi Angier

Unincorporated Milwaukie

Thanks for four years; a request for four more

It's been an honor serving as one of your commissioners the last four years in this great city, Oregon City. Having served on various committees over the years, and raising and educating my family here, I have gained so much respect for the citizens, government and education system in this city.

I have experienced great things on commission, one being sitting on the Library Building Committee, seeing it come out of the ground on time and on budget, and then watching the doors open for the first time and all those children walking in with that look of wonderment. Sadly we do encounter unfortunate situations like relocating 50 families at Christmas from a slide area.

It is with this experience that I am requesting the opportunity to serve you for another four years. My priorities for my next term will be as follows:

supporting public access and economic development at the Willamette Falls

planning and developing the Beavercreek Road Industrial campus to provide family wage jobs and community college internships.

focusing on developing a police/court facility to best serve the community.

addressing homelessness and affordable housing, collaborating with community partners

promote and implement the tourism plan, collaborating with existing assets

developing community partnerships for sustainable jobs and economic growth

maintaining historical respect throughout the community

increasing citizen involvement by representing the Citizens Involvement Committee.

You need a city commissioner who acts in the best interests of its citizens and who has experience in business, so that when a viable project is presented, the commission can provide certainty to an investor for a successful mutual endeavor, which the Cabela's/Rivers project should have been.

I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Brian Shaw

City commissioner, Oregon City Position No. 1

Vote for family-wage jobs, afforable housing

Dear citizens of Oregon City: My name is Mike Mitchell. As you review the Voters' Pamphlet and ballot for the Nov. 6 election, you'll see that I'm running for Oregon City Commission position No. 4. I'm asking for your support and your vote.

Please go to to find more information about my four priorities for our city:

n pursue new family-wage jobs. Everyone who lives in Oregon City should be able to find work in Oregon City.

n encourage more diverse, affordable housing. Everyone who works here should be able to find an affordable place to live here.

n increase parks funding. We need to fix our maintenance backlog and set aside money now to purchase additional park space for future growth.

n improve and simplify our public involvement process in city government. Every opinion needs to be respectfully heard and considered as city officials make decisions that affect our city and its residents. Information about land-use proposals and how citizens can offer comments needs to be easier to find and understand.

Of course, government can't "fix" these issues by itself. But government should make sure that our development codes, regulations and fee structures support new family-wage jobs, diverse affordable housing and increased parks funding. As your commissioner, I will work to ensure that the commission's actions support these priorities.

My work on several city advisory boards and commissions including the Citizen Involvement Committee and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee has given me the knowledge and experience to be effective as your commissioner.

I look forward to the honor of serving as your voice on the Oregon City Commission.

Thank you for your support and your vote!

Mike Mitchell

Candidate for Oregon City Commission

Tami Little for county assessor

I am writing this letter in support of Tami Little for the nonpartisan position of Clackamas County assessor.

Tami started her career serving Clackamas County over 30 years ago as a young working mom in an entry-level position. She has experience throughout the varied roles in this department and has been the deputy assessor for over nine years. During this time she also dedicated her time to be the president of the Oregon Association of County Tax Collectors.

She is committed to continuing her education and is always looking for ways in which this department can best serve the citizens of Clackamas County. She was appointed by the retiring assessor to serve in this role, and I will be voting for her to continue that term in November.

Please join me in voting for Tami Little for Clackamas County assessor!

Becki Coulsey

Oregon City

The most disappointing speech I ever heard

Some time ago a temporary worker at Clackamas County Elections was caught marking ballots where the voter did not make a choice. This worker was able to mark about three ballots before getting caught. This was a quite unexpected and traumatic experience for all staff.

County Clerk Sherry Hall gathered all to address the infraction. Instead of talking about the sacredness of the elections process, instead of talking about the responsibility of all to honor the election process, instead of talking about how the system worked to catch the perpetrator quickly, all she said was that everyone needed to keep the incident quiet and not talk about it to anyone.

Sherry had a chance to lead, but she didn't do it. She did not lead by failing to instill confidence in the elections process with staff and voters. Her main concern seemed to be not having anyone criticize her or the clerk's office.

It is past time for Sherry Hall to be gone from the position of Clackamas County clerk. Her appalling lack of leadership, and her other faults (i.e. doing needless and expensive office remodels, short staffing the office, lack of knowledge about election laws and processes and disrespecting staff) make her opponent, Pamela White, a much better choice.

Clackamas County voters need a leader who can move the clerk's office in new directions. I believe that leader is Pamela White.

Paul Hanes

Former deputy Clackamas County elections clerk

Lisa Batey works for Milwaukie

When talking with people about what quality they would most like from someone who represents us, I continuously hear, "they listen to our concerns" and "they care about our community, not special interests."

Well Lisa Batey truly lives up to that. I have never witnessed another politician who, not only represents their constituents but also gets out and physically works in their community. I have personally witnessed Lisa spending hours cleaning up our pioneer cemetery, riding her bike to each station during Sunday Parkways, pulling weeds and picking up garbage during neighborhood and watershed cleanups, all while constantly listening, talking and absorbing ideas from Milwaukie residents.

She truly cares about what you have to say. She takes your concerns seriously and works to implement your ideas into future policy. From improving walkability, safety and accessibility on our streets, strategizing on affordable housing, to improving our schools, parks, farmers market and gathering places to create a greater future Milwaukie for all of us, Lisa gets it done. She loves Milwaukie!

That is why I will proudly be voting for Lisa Batey for City Council and I hope you will too.


Sarah Cohen


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