Local readers of the Clackamas Review weigh in on the race for Oregon House District 51

More work to do in Salem

I've known Janelle Bynum since our children were in preschool together 12 years ago. She is an accomplished and vibrant part of our Clackamas/Happy Valley community.

Throughout Oregon, our students are not getting the support they need to be successful. Class sizes are too big, our school year is too short and our graduation rates are too low. Lawmakers in Salem have been making progress, but more work needs to be done.

As a mom and volunteer in local schools, Rep. Janelle Bynum sees the need to invest in public education firsthand. In Salem, Janelle is fighting hard to ensure that every student has access to career and technical education. She is fighting for stable funding for public schools, and working to shrink class sizes and increase graduation rates.

Janelle knows personally the power of a good education. Both her parents were teachers and they propelled Janelle to college and an MBA. Today, she is a small business owner in our community.

I hope you will join me in voting for Janelle Bynum for House District 51. She deserves the chance to continue fighting to fund our childrens' education and build a better future for all Oregonians.

Julie Long


Vital that we vote our values

Having lived in the city of Happy Valley since September of 2013 and gotten to know Lori Chavez-DeRemer through attendance at City Council meetings, volunteering for the Parks Advisory Board and creating the PAC for the recently approved parks levy in May, I feel the strong need to express my support for Lori Chavez-DeRemer's run for state representative. Just from knowing her and watching her work, I can say with complete confidence that Lori is the state representative that all Oregonians need and deserve.

Now, throughout my time living in Happy Valley, I have witnessed first hand the numerous beneficial effects that Mayor Chavez-DeRemer's term has brought to our city. For example, Lori has helped preserve Happy Valley's beautiful natural landscape by implementing programs such as increased solar panel usage, which saves thousands of pounds of greenhouse-gas emissions. And not unlike her strict care for the environment, Lori has also shown immense consideration and support for all of Happy Valley's citizens. Firstly, she helped protect citizens from Oregon's rising crime problem by pushing for a fully staffed and equipped police department that handles more than 3,000 calls every year. In a fiscal sense, she has also always been adamant in her actions to support all families by increasing the number of jobs, as well as maintaining a thriving economy for both businesses and families.

She addressed the housing crisis and homelessness issue by protecting tax incentives that have made homeownership greatly affordable, which in turn lead to Happy Valley having one of the lowest property-tax rates in Oregon. Lori also pushed to get more from existing resources rather than going to taxpayers for more money, something that again, benefits everyone.

During her tenure as mayor, Lori has not only acted to unite the community in an economic sense, but also has united the community in a societal sense. She has worked tirelessly to bring all the diverse communities of Happy Valley together, such as with her creation of the Happy Valley Youth Council, which empowers teens to expand their educational opportunities and allow for them to participate actively in community outreach.

In a time of hyper-partisan politics, Lori has consistently been able to lay such divisive rhetoric and actions aside and actually listen to her constituents and provide for them accordingly. All in all, Lori Chavez-DeRemer is a pragmatic and caring leader who has clearly shown through her actions that she cares for all Oregonians equally, and definitely should be our next state representative.

Mark Aasland

Happy Valley

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