Andrea Paluso is director of The Mother PAC and Jennifer Wright is a Hood River mom

For the second time, Chuck Thomsen is running to serve in the Oregon State Senate — and in his campaigning, he is misleading voters on where he stands when it comes to protecting survivors of domestic violence, or fighting for the policies that Oregon mothers need.

PalusoIt's one thing to claim support for an issue or policy during a campaign, but it's quite another to actually vote along with those supposed values once elected. That's why we are supporting Chrissy Reitz in her campaign for Oregon State Senate. She's the best candidate for women and families, and we have no reason to believe that her voting record while serving as State Senator will stray from the values she's shared so far.

As a reminder, here's where Chuck Thomsen stands when it comes to mothers and survivors of domestic violence:

In 2015, Oregon passed a law that would guarantee workers across the state the right to earn and take paid sick time. Paid sick time is essential for working families, because it makes it possible to keep paying your bills if you get sick, and it's especially helpful for moms, who usually use sick time to care for their inevitably sick children. But it's also invaluable for victims of domestic violence because of its "safe time" component, which can be used for such things as filing a protective order, moving to a safer environment, or seeking medical care.

Not only did Chuck Thomsen vote against paid sick and safe time, but he actually mocked the bill in a committee hearing, showing blatant disregard for the women, families, and victims of domestic violence the bill is designed to protect.

Earlier this year, Chuck Thomsen once again showed Oregonians his true values.

Unfortunately, we were not surprised to learn that when given the opportunity to expand much-needed protections for victims of domestic violence, Chuck once again showed his disregard. Instead of voting to prevent convicted stalkers and domestic abusers, including boyfriends, from getting or keeping guns, Chuck Thomsen sided against domestic violence survivors and with the Oregon Firearms Federation in favor of allowing abusive partners and stalkers to continue accessing these deadly weapons.

This is not the kind of leadership this district deserves. This is not the kind of leadership moms want.

These are just a few of the many reasons that we, as mothers and leaders with organizations focused on advocating for and protecting moms, are urging a vote for Chrissy Reitz — a mom, former neonatal intensive care unit nurse, and chair of the Hood River County School Board. What women, families, and victims of domestic violence need is a qualified, committed, and respectful leader — not four more years of Chuck Thomsen.

Andrea Paluso is director of The Mother PAC and Jennifer Wright is a Hood River mom.

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