Response to view of Gladstone politics; Gamba/Schrader race; Clackamas County sheriff race

In response to Mindy Garlington's view of Gladstone politics in the April 22 edition, there is a bit of clarification that should be pointed out.

As to the two committee members removed from their positions, one from the Gladstone Parks Board and one from the Gladstone Planning Commission, the rules are clear. If you miss three meetings in a calendar year according to the resolution Ms. Garlington noted, you are "considered to have resigned from the board, committee, or commission."

While serving on the planning commission, Ms. Wentz missed the first three meetings of the year. When appointed to the Planning Commission, it was clearly told to me that missing three meetings in a year would lead to your removal from that commission, or board. Both appointees, by missing those meetings, sealed their own fates. The city council had nothing to do with it. Had Dorner and Wentz shown up for work and been doing their jobs they would still be there.

As to city councilors' attendance, they are, as Ms. Garlington noted, elected. To remove any of them from their positions requires a vote, either not to reelect or to recall. Patrick Smith

Gladstone Planning Commission member

Gamba for Congress

We all have a lot on our minds right now. We are concerned with the health and well-being of ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. Many of us are looking closely at examples of leadership in our lives (good and bad) at work, schools, our places of worship and in government. Right now, more than ever, we need smart, compassionate and effective leadership in government that is not corrupted by corporate money. We need politicians who listen to the people, and work boldly and urgently toward solutions for our health care, social and environmental crises. Mark Gamba is fighting to be the voice of the people of Oregon's 5th Congressional District, through his support of universal health care, the Green New Deal, and combating systemic poverty and economic injustice. As mayor of Milwaukie, Mark listens deeply to his constituents and builds collaborations to get the critical work done. I have known Mark as a friend for nine years, and have worked with him on several committees. He is a visionary, a person of integrity and a commendable character. He fights hard for the kind of policies and programs that are urgently needed. Learn more at and please vote in the May 19 primary.

Ben Rousseau


Schoenfeld for sheriff

I wish to share my experience of Lynn Schoenfeld who's running for Clackamas County sheriff. He has been my Krav Maga instructor for almost ten years, and helped me recover from very old wounds. His approach to helping his students will serve our county well. Recovery from trauma firstly requires safe space. He has always maintained his gym as a safe place where people can learn to create and maintain their own safety. There is no tolerance for ego. He makes welcome folks who just want to walk in peace. Next is his unwavering message to students to trust their instincts and honor their natural responses to attack. This is critical for those who've been abused, having been taught to dismiss their own assessments and fear their own empowerment. Lastly, he sticks to techniques that actually work. Many gyms get caught up in fancy techniques that stray from practicality, especially for non-athletes. His students' needs remain paramount in his protocols. Underlying all this is a basic love for people that comes through in Lynn's daily interactions with folks and his sense of community. I hope you'll put pen to ballot for him on Election Day. Cheers! Lauren Chattigre


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