Gamba/Schrader race; Clackamas County sheriff race, supporters of Schoenfeld, Brandenburg

Schrader supports Medicare

On my 70th birthday, I completed my proudest physical accomplishment — I was able to leg-press 320 pounds. Not many are able to accomplish that in their younger years, let alone in retirement! This dream of mine could not have been fulfilled if it was not for my Medicare Advantage program. This program allows me to stay healthy and strong. My grandmother suffered from osteoporosis, which took a negative toll on her lifestyle. I do not plan to endure the same fate. My health care plan includes preventive care methods like gym memberships so that I can do all I can to stay active and healthy. Beyond pre-existing conditions, Medicare Advantage is making sure that their community is covered in the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are supposed to stay home to stay safe, I appreciate knowing that my plan provides virtual care services to continue to communicate with my doctors and have easy access to prescription refills. And if a Medicare Advantage senior does contract coronavirus, their care is covered with financial protections. In these uncertain times for all of us, protecting access to quality care is important — especially for older citizens who are suffering from this virus at a much larger rate. U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Clackamas County) understands that the senior community needs access to quality care. He supports bipartisan legislation that helps seniors continue choosing the health care plans that work best for them. I am thankful that Rep. Schrader supports Medicare Advantage so that seniors like me can remain healthy and continue pushing boundaries wherever possible. Mary Jane Walbridge


Elect candidate of 'integrity'

Every time I visit park or greenspace, or take a breath of clean air, I am thankful to strangers who valued the natural world enough to protect it. Now, those in power see nature imprinted only with dollar signs and are reversing progress that took decades to achieve. As longstanding protections are lifted, as regulations on corporate polluters are rolled back, as public lands are opened to mining, drilling and exploitation, and tribal treaties are violated, it is easy to feel powerless in the face of the corporate/political machine. We are not powerless. Collectively, we can do much. Our habits and lifestyles must evolve to live more lightly upon this Earth and we must elect candidates of integrity and courage who reflect our values. Mark Gamba is one such person. He is running against incumbent Kurt Schrader in the upcoming Democratic primary. While Mr. Schrader's voting record supports corporate profits, Mr. Gamba will fight to protect the health of the people and the planet. Mark Gamba walks his talk. His life is a model in conservation. I am happy to finally have a worthy choice on the ballot. Use your power. Vote on May 19 for Mark. Vote for the good. Shelley Reynolds Gladstone

Brandenburg for sheriff

It has been my pleasure to work with current Clackamas County Undersheriff Angela Brandenburg for the past several years through my involvement as a citizen volunteer on the Sheriff's Enhanced Law Enforcement District Advisory Committee and the Clackamas County Budget Committee. During this time, I have been impressed with Angela's experience and integrity. She has also shown her no-nonsense approach to being accountable for getting results. The Budget Committee asked for the sheriff to get fully staffed and although it was a complex process, they are now fully staffed. Angela's leadership was a key component of this success. As Clackamas County faces the future, it has many significant financial uncertainties and challenges facing it. We need someone with Angela's history of proven leadership to be at the helm of the sheriff's office. Please join me in supporting Angela Brandenburg for Clackamas County sheriff in the upcoming May primary election. She is the right choice for Clackamas County. Thomas M. Feely


Schoenfeld for sheriff

I wish to share my experience of Lynn Schoenfeld who's running for Clackamas County sheriff. He has been my Krav Maga instructor for almost 10 years, and helped me recover from very old wounds. His approach to helping his students will serve our county well. Recovery from trauma firstly requires safe space. He has always maintained his gym as a safe place where people can learn to create and maintain their own safety. There is no tolerance for ego. He makes welcome folks who just want to walk in peace. Next is his unwavering message to students to trust their instincts and honor their natural responses to attack. This is critical for those who've been abused, having been taught to dismiss their own assessments and fear their own empowerment. Lastly, he sticks to techniques that actually work. Many gyms get caught up in fancy techniques that stray from practicality, especially for nonathletes. His students' needs remain paramount in his protocols. Underlying all this is a basic love for people that comes through in Lynn's daily interactions with folks and his sense of community. I hope you'll put pen to ballot for him on Election Day. Cheers! Lauren Chattigre


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