Gamba/Schrader race; Clackamas County sheriff race, supporters of Schoenfeld, Brandenburg

Brandenburg for sheriff I will be voting for Angela Brandenburg for Clackamas County Sheriff. As a retired Deputy Chief for Clackamas Fire District No. 1, I have had the pleasure of knowing Angela Brandenburg both professionally and personally for twenty-five years. During this time, I have witnessed first-hand Angela's professionalism and integrity. Her morale and ethical standards are impressive. During Angela's 29 years in law enforcement, she has shown exceptional leadership especially when she served as the Public Information Officer (PIO) representing the Sheriff's Office to the public and the media. As a PIO myself during this time, I saw Angela develop strong working partnerships with PIO's from fire departments, schools, medical, and law enforcement agencies leading to the creation of a regional PIO working group within the metro area which is still active today. She managed the media response for many large-scale emergency incidents, which became national and international news stories. Angela is cool under pressure, possesses strong decision-making skills, and because of her professionalism and work ethic, garnered the highest respect from her peers, the media and the public. Join me in voting Angela Brandenburg for Clackamas County sheriff. James Karn Retired Deputy Chief, Clackamas Fire District No. 1 Damascus

Schrader should be re-elected

Oregon's 5th congressional district needs to keep Rep. Kurt Schrader in Congress. One of the biggest complaints I hear is how politically divided our country and state is, which it is. However, I know Kurt Schrader has battled against that divide since being in the Oregon Legislature. He has worked with those from both sides of the aisle as evident from his appointment to the Oregon Ways and Means Committee and the number of bills he has co-sponsored with Republicans. For example, his support for those affected by ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease. Schrader's voting record also bears out that his middle of the road voting record reflects what is best for his constituents, the state and country.

I have also found him accessible as Schrader took my 7:15 a.m. call regarding tolling and as we concluded I wished him a good rest of his day in Washington. He responded he was planning to enjoy the good Oregon weather as he was home. He's also taken time out of his busy schedule to meet with me regarding ALS legislation he's trying to pass. So join me in supporting and voting for Kurt Schrader who really cares about those here in our state. 

Neal Reisner


Schoenfeld for sheriff

As a Clackamas County resident and 20-year veteran of law enforcement, I'm ready to see a change at the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office - and the opportunity is now. I know all the candidates in this race on professional level. Lynn Schoenfeld is the only candidate with the right experience, education, priorities and accomplishments to lead the agency forward.

Lynn wants to refocus the sheriff's office on services that matter to citizens and stop wasteful spending. Knowing Lynn for 20 years, I know he will do the right thing for the sheriff's office and for our citizens. Please join me in voting for Lynn Schoenfeld.

Eric Lee


Brandenburg for sheriff

As a former co-worker, I observed Angela Brandenburg working tirelessly to protect and serve all county residents. Her trustworthiness, dedication, and strong work ethic has improved public safety in our community. Angela is an innovative leader who looks for creative ways to provide service despite financial challenges and makes sure that resources reflect the needs of our community. Angela is a champion for public engagement and has built long-term relationships with community members and regional partners. She treats all people with dignity and respect, regardless of the reason for their interaction with her, and she is dedicated to fair consequences for those who violate the law she works tirelessly to protect. I am most impressed with Angela for the commitment and dedication given to women, children and people who have experienced violence.

While our community navigates uncharted waters with COVID-19, under her leadership, her team is partnering with community groups to ensure that the most vulnerable residents have access to food and supplies, to ensure they feel safe and secure. As a mom, a co-worker and as a lifelong county resident, I wholeheartedly trust Angela to go above and beyond to faithfully, responsibly and professionally protect and serve our community.

Amy Kyle


Gamba for Congress

I've been temporarily laid off because of the pandemic. Like so many others in my community and school, every day I wake up with more confusion, uncertainty, and fear about my future. Fear for what this pandemic may still bring, fear for my community, and fear for what might happen as the climate crisis worsens. More than ever, we are in need of elected officials who are ready to fight for us and our future. Mark Gamba is a climate champion, who has proven his political prowess as a successful champion of the people of Milwaukie, and is prepared to fight for universal healthcare, a living wage, and a Green New Deal. He is the kind of candidate, and person, that would make me proud to call him my representative in Congress. I believe he will push others in office to work for the people, not against us. In order to build a sustainable, climate friendly state and country, we need Mark Gamba as our District 5 representative in Congress! Colin Herring

Jennings Lodge

Stimulus should go where it's needed

The first stimulus package of $2 trillion has been dispersed and now Congress is fighting over number four. In my opinion, this first package of money would have been better spent by giving each and every one of our 330 million citizens $6,000 outright. Buying food, paying rent are kinds of spending that would help stabilize the economy rather than making the population targets in the future for taxes and program cuts touting fiscal responsibility. The corporate bailout habit of our Congress in nonsense. Some of these same companies received a $2 trillion bailout in 2008 with no payback or jail time. The four big banks are still up to their old tricks by squeezing out small businesses in favor of providing loans to their biggest customers regardless of need. In actuality, it does not matter much to Main Street what happens to Wall Street since the wealthiest 10% of Americans own 84% of the stock market. More Congressional nonsense is bailout money for Carnival Cruise lines ($4 billion). They fly under foreign flags (Panama, Bahamas, Malta) to avoid U.S. taxes and labor laws. It pays to have political friends in Florida.

Canada is giving their eligible citizens $2,000 a month for four months, while U.S. congressmen like Lindsay Graham said there will be more unemployment payments made here over his dead body. We are fortunate in Oregon as several of our politicians convey interest in their constituents' welfare and the future of the country.

Donna Endicott

Happy Valley

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