First address public health gaps; Linda Neace's blatant disregard of rule; advanced therapies, treatments and a vaccine needed for return to normalcy

President Trump wants to hurry up and get our country back to "normal." But getting back to normal demands that we first fill major gaps in our public health response. We currently need but do not have a national strategy for consistency across all states, so the good work done by one state isn't undone by its neighbors. All 50 states still lack sufficient testing and contact tracing capability to allow widespread reopening. And nationwide, we should be but are not focused on treating hotspots like meatpacking factories, nursing homes, prisons and poor neighborhoods — incubation sites where people need special protections, including PPE, to end their suffering and prevent wave after wave of community infections. Trump's failure to address these and other public health gaps will undoubtedly expand and prolong the pandemic, for who knows how long? Defeating this virus requires trusted leadership that values science and the lives of all people. Demand that leadership by calling your members of Congress.

Terry Larson

Jennings Lodge

Neace's blatant disregard of rule

"City Councilor" Linda Neace has not been a resident of the city of Gladstone since June of 2019 when she vacated her home at 730 Riverdale Drive in Gladstone. She has not and does not live at her relatives' home on Exeter Street, and a P.O. Box is certainly not a residence. While I can sympathize with Linda's misfortunes over the past year, I cannot understand her blatant disregard for the rules that guide and govern this city. Maintaining a home in this city is a rule, not a choice, for a City Council position.

I ask that Linda Neace immediately step down from her seat as a City Council member for the city of Gladstone and every single one of her votes beginning June of 2019 should be voided from the city records. And, should that result in a change in decision, I would hand that task to the city administration to correct. Should she refuse to vacate her position at this time, I ask that the city of Gladstone administration immediately investigate.

Mindy Garlington


COVID-19 treatments, vaccine needed

In March, my wife and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl. As you can imagine, this large life event has been crazy during these times, but no less a blessing to have a healthy beautiful daughter. I am extremely thankful for a healthy family! During these difficult times throughout the country, it has made me ponder about the infrastructure of the U.S., and how my daughter will grow up within this system. America has a great health industry, and there should be no limit put by Congress or other government bureaucracies to defy the advancement of breakthrough medicines. I want everyone — especially my daughter — to be afforded all the opportunities she desires. We should encourage all efforts toward a vaccine and therapies to fight and prevent the spread of the virus throughout the U.S., now, and to come. Until we have a vaccine, I'll take extra caution. And I'll continue to advocate for the success of America's medical innovation industry as it tackles the lofty challenge of producing a vaccine for COVID-19 while hoping that our federal legislators commit themselves to doing the same. Without advanced therapies, treatments and a vaccine, we cannot return to complete normalcy.

Jared Henderson

Happy Valley

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