Lynda Orzen: Oregon City mayor 'may try to take credit for being mayor during those times but it is the community volunteers that deserve the credit'

A friend of mine recently pointed out Dan Holladay's statement of justification for the special recall election. His third statement, "success with the new library and the police facility," stopped me.

I chaired the political action committee for the library ballot measure and worked for months with other dedicated volunteers to make the new library a reality. Library Foundation Chair Karen Martini and myself were given "Citizen of the Year" awards in 2015 for our diligence in writing letters and getting out the vote for the library project. Why isn't Dan thanking the volunteers who worked day and night to make a difference in our community?

When the new police facility went out for a vote, guess who was on their political action committee: myself and other community volunteers. We were unsuccessful the first time around, but because the community was so involved and determined to provide our police with a new facility, Chief Band decided to go for a second try. Thanks to the volunteers who wrote letters and campaigned for it, we now have a beautiful public safety building named after the late Robert Libke.

Lynda OrzenHolladay may try to take credit for being mayor during those times but it is the community volunteers that deserve the credit for actually doing the hard work. Oregon City is blessed with community activists who are willing to get their hands dirty and get the good job done. I am proud to be one of them.

When you receive the special recall election ballot, don't let Dan's lies fool you. It's the passion of our residents, not the mayor, that is responsible for our new library and public safety building. Make sure to return your special recall ballot by Nov. 10, which is one week after the general election. For more information about the recall campaign, please visit

Lynda Orzen is currently the chair of Friends of the Oregon City Public Library, a founding member of the Three Rivers Artist Guild and an Oregon City Chamber member for more than 20 years.

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