Also three council candidates have registered for three open spots

As the November election quickly approaches, the Estacada News has set out to provide a thorough introduction to local candidates.

After we introduce you to the candidates and races this week, we’ll sit down with each of the candidates over the next five weeks so that you can know more about them and their ideas for office.

This fall, the positions that are open are the office of mayor and three positions on the City Council.

Becky Arnold will step aside as mayor of Estacada after 10 years in city government that began in 2003 as a city councilor. She served in that role until 2008 when she became mayor.

Running for mayor are Brent Dodrill and Pat Watkins.

In the city council, Sean Drinkwine, Norm Ernst and Brendan Flohr all have terms that are expiring this fall. While Drinkwine is running to retain his seat, Edward L. Smith and Kurt Steininger are running to fill the positions vacated by Ernst and Flohr.

Ernst has served on the city council since Jan. 2006 and Flohr has served just since Sept. 2010.

If Dodrill, who has a spot on the city council that expires in 2014, were to win the position of mayor, his seat on the city council would be filled by the newly elected city council.