by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - CEO Eric Sale, left, and Beavers team leaders Jeff Loomis, Christie Licari and Myron Weirich are good sports, taking pies in the face for losing the food drive competition.Northwest Technologies decided to make a game of its food drive for the Estacada Area Food Bank — a game that was taken very seriously.

In honor of the annual “civil war” football game between the University of Oregon and Oregon State University, the employees decided to turn the food drive into a competition.

The winning team would get to smash pie in the losing team leaders' faces.

For every 200 pounds of food the employees donated, the company promised to give a frozen turkey to the food bank.

The food drive gained momentum when CEO Eric Sale volunteered his face for pie throwing if 1,000 pounds of food was donated.

The competition heated up.

Some employees even went rogue and donated to the other team in the hope that their leaders would be in for some pie-in-the-face.

“Some humorous sportsmanship went on; for example, the Beaver fan-filled laser department had a clear visual on the placement of the pallets,” by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Northwest Technologies employees donated more than 1,700 pounds of food to the Estacada Area Food Bank. Nick Brown participates in the Civil War food drive.Crystalyn Reed of the company's human resources department wrote in an email. “If items were placed on the orange pallet, you would be loudly applauded and cheered. If items were placed on the green pallet, you got booed.”

By the morning of Monday, Nov. 25, the Beavers were counting on a win.

Scarcely an hour before the deadline of the competition, a truck backed into the shipping department with 729 pounds of donated food for the Ducks.

“The scales tipped far the opposite way as the Ducks triumphantly revealed their well-kept secret of stockpiling their collection,” Reed wrote. “The Beavers were shocked as they thought there was no chance they would be the ones to get pies smashed in their faces. The workplace was a hubbub as word quickly spread of the Ducks' sneaky steal.”

“We later found out that some die-hard Ducks fans went above and beyond to make their team win,” Reed added. “They will not share their secrets of how they pulled off their trick, but we did find out that one employee got his son and a friend to help go door to door in their own neighborhood and ask for food donations in order to save his face from pie. It worked.”

In the final countdown, the Beavers had raised 644 pounds and the Ducks had raised 1,092, for a total of 1,726 pounds of food. The company donated nine turkeys as well.

Word is, employees are already plotting next year's food drive.

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