PSU's report, released last month, estimates that Estacada's population was 3,280 in July.

The city of Estacada gained 125 residents over the past year, according to initial population estimates by Portland State University.

PSU's report, released last month, estimates that Estacada's population was 3,280 in July. Last year, the city's population was 3,155.

Though PSU's Population Research Center tracks growth for Clackamas County as a whole, numbers for Estacada's neighboring unincorporated areas such Eagle Creek and Springwater are not.

Population growth is based on natural increase, or number of births minus number of deaths, and net migration, or movers-in minus movers-out.

Charles Rynerson of PSU's Population Research Center said that Estacada's growth was mainly because of residents moving into the city. In 2016, 53 single-family homes were permitted.

Since the 2010 census, the city has gained 585 residents. Of Oregon's 241 cities, Estacada has had the ninth-highest growth rate since the census.

Rynerson noted that Estacada is growing at a faster rate than similarly sized cities in Oregon, which he attributed to its proximity to the Portland metro area.

"It definitely has a location advantage compared to other places," Rynerson said. "Places Estacada's size in Eastern and Southern Oregon are definitely not growing as fast as Estacada."

Across Clackamas County, 8,020 residents were gained, bringing the population from 404,980 to 413,000. In total, Oregon's population went from 4,076,350 in 2016 to 4,141,100 in 2017, representing an increase of 64,750 residents.

In a news release, Rynerson noted that, "because of an aging population and declining birth rates, natural increase now contributes less to Oregon's population growth than at any time since the 1930s."

Conversely, net migration in Oregon has accelerated, with the number of people moving to the state exceeding those moving out by more than 50,000 for two years in a row.

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