Within 10 the first days of availability, 100 people sign up for new package in Estacada area

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Reliance Connects employees like Theresa Morrisey can help those interested sign up for the companys new internet-only package.

Reliance Connects has a new product to offer the Estacada area.

The company recently announced it's offering internet-only packages. Previously, customers were required to have both a phone line and internet service.

"This is the first time (internet only) has been available here," said Michele Jones of Reliance Connects. "We know customers have been wanting it for a long time. We're pleased to be able to meet that need."

Jones said the service has proved as popular as expected, with 100 people signing up within the first 10 days of availability.

"People are happy to have that choice. For our customers, that's really what it's been about," she said. "People want choices."

She added that although Reliance Connects was historically a phone company, the internet-only package is particularly fitting in today's era of cell phones.

"Most people have a cell phone, and come to us with that line that they're using already," she said.

For more information about Reliance Connect's internet only packages, visit or call 503-630-4213.

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