Measure 3-534 alters voting requirements for certain fees in Estacada, among other changes

Initial election results show that Estacada voters approved an amendment to the city's charter.

Results posted at 12:48 a.m. Wednesday, May 16, on the Clackamas County Elections website show that 389 voters, or 75.68 percent, voted for Measure 3-534, while 125 voters, or 24.32 percent, are voted no.

At the time, a total of 514 votes had been received.

Measure 3-534 brings several changes to the charter last updated in 2006. It clarifies when a temporary city councilor can be appointed, alters voting requirements on certain fees and brings the charter into compliance with recent changes to state annexation voting laws.

Previously, the charter required every proposed annexation go to vote; the amendment removed this requirement since a state law passed last year says that annexations do not require an election if they meet certain conditions.

The amendment removes the requirement that taxes, fees and other price increases greater than 3 percent be approved by voters because of increases in which the allotted 3 percent does not cover the cost of a service.

Additionally, the amendment clarifies that temporary city councilors can be appointed when circumstances other than a disability prevent duly elected councilors from attending meetings. It also notes that neither a city manager's partner nor the partner's relatives can be employed by the city.