Though a local ordinance was voted down, state law requires some cities to have AUDs

Updates to the Estacada municipal code will soon include standards for accessory dwelling units, or ADUs.

Though the Estacada City Council had voted against a local ordinance to allow ADUs last year, the Oregon State Senate passed a bill requiring cities with populations of more than 2,500 or counties with populations of more than 15,000 to allow the dwelling units. ADUs are attachments to an already-existing house or small units detached from the original building.

Estacada city councilors gave the initial approval to an update to the municipal code that included standards for the dwelling units during a meeting on Monday, May 14, and will consider it for a second time on Monday, June 11.

The ADU standards, which will be located in chapter 16 of Estacada's municipal code, require that each unit meet all relevant health, fire safety, and building codes as outlined in the Oregon Residential Specialty Code. There will be a limit of one ADU per eligible lot.

Additionally, all ADUs must be less than 900 square feet, though a unit that occupies the entirety of the lowest floor of a primary dwelling may have a maximum area of 1,200 square feet. Each ADU must be designed so its appearance confirms to the design characteristics of the primary dwelling and must have at least one outdoor entrance.

In addition to the required parking for the primary dwelling unit, a minimum of one off-street parking space will be required for each accessory dwelling unit. ADUs will not be permitted on lots with no off-street parking.

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