Group meets at the Estacada Public Library to work on Lego projects and is open to all ages

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Diego and Ben Seely build an animal sanctuary during a meeting of the Lego Creativity Club on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Diego and Ben Seely spent part of last weekend creating an animal sanctuary from Legos.

"It has water and space for them to hang out," said Diego, 12. "It's really fun."

With the theme of "animals" at a recent meeting of the Lego Creativity Club at the Estacada Public Library, there were several creations similar to this built on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Master Builder Blair Archer, who coordinates Lego groups in Estacada and several other cities, noted that meetings typically have themes, but it's up to participants whether they stick to it or not.

"The freedom is what it's all about," Archer said. "I love seeing what they come up with. To see the way kids approach it is magic. Through a child's lens, there are opportunities for certain pieces. They'll even use broken pieces. It's limitless."ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - A young participant in the Lego Creativity Club at the Estacada Public Library works on a new creation.

Archer sees a variety of creations at each meeting.

"When you give kids the freedom to build whatever they want, they build to their heart's content," he said.

On Saturday, Hayden Stuart, 5, built a vehicle that could save animals from danger. He likes that he can create "a whole bunch of stuff" at the club, adding that he thinks the group has more Legos than he does at home.

Discussing the animal sanctuary he was working on, Diego Seely noted that he liked "creativity and strategy," and making new projects.

Other members of the club worked on animals like dogs and frogs.

Archer added that the group environment helps cultivate creativity.

"Building in a community setting, you experience a kind of creativity you can't get at home. You feel the energy of all the other minds working around you," he said.

Each meeting attracts about 12 participants, with a balance of regular attendees and newcomers. The group is open to all ages "as long as they

don't eat the pieces," Archer noted.

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Diego Seely works on an animal sanctuary built from Legos last weekend at the Estacada Public Library.

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