School district expects a full-time resource officer from the sheriff's office by springtime

Leaders from the Estacada School District, the city of Estacada and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office are collaborating to provide a police presence in Estacada schools.

When the city switched from the Sandy Police Department to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services earlier this year, both city and school leaders hoped to contract with the county for a school resource officer.

However, a full time deputy for the position was not available because of staffing levels.

By using overtime hours from the sheriff's office for the past several weeks, the school district has been able to fund a resource officer on campus for about 16 hours each week. Sheriff's office officials estimate that this figure will be able to stay fairly consistent.

A full-time resource officer is expected to be available in spring 2019.

Estacada School District Communications Coordinator Maggie Kelly described the situation as "a good interim solution."

"We brainstormed creative ideas to fill the gap. I think we all agree the gap is unacceptable," she said. "We're happy to have those overtime hours. It's nice to see that filled."

The overtime hours have been filled by Deputy David Fooladjoush, who has been stationed in Estacada, as well as other officers from the sheriff's office.

Though there is no specific training deputies must undergo prior to serving as school resource officer, all deputies complete a 640-hour basic police academy and engage in ongoing training while serving.

"Everyone working one of those shifts is fully capable of serving the district well and has my complete confidence," Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Capt. Jeff Smith wrote in an email.

School District leaders have been happy with the sheriff's office presence in town.

"Even when they're not (in the schools), we still see patrols in the school zones," Kelly said.

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