DeLaZerda opened Totally Unique Hair Design in 1986 in Estacada, returns after moving to ORegon City

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Wendy DeLaZerda of Totally Unique Hair Design recently moved her business back to Estacada.

Totally Unique Hair Design is at a new location on Broadway Street, but the business has a long history in Estacada.

Wendy DeLaZerda first opened Totally Unique in Estacada in 1986. After occupying several spots around town, the business moved to Oregon City in 2000. But when DeLaZerda discovered an available space at 333 Broadway St., the longtime Estacada resident decided to move her business back to where it all started.

The doors to Totally Unique Hair Design re-opened in Estacada on Thursday, Jan. 3.

"There's nothing better than living and working in Estacada," she said. "It's nice to be back on (Broadway) Street again. It doesn't even take me 10 minutes to get here, and a lot of

my clients live in Estacada."

Though DeLaZerda had a larger shop in Oregon City, it's just her at the Estacada location.

"(Oregon City) was fun, but now I can just do me," she said.

DeLaZerda appreciates relationships with long term customers.

"There are a lot of clients from the 80s and 90s, for sure," she said. "I love knowing everyone. A lot of people drive by and wave."

Her customers have also gotten to know DeLaZerda well. Her favorite color is purple, and it decorates much of her Estacada shop. She noted that when many people saw the amount of purple in the space, they told her they knew she was back.

Totally Unique is appointment-based, and those interested in scheduling should call or text 971-219-5545.

"I like my clients to have the time. One-on-one is important," DeLaZerda said.

She's been interested in hair styling for most of her life.

"I've always dabbled in hair. My mom did, and I figured everyone did," she said. "I planned to be a nurse but found it was quicker to do beauty school. I haven't regretted it for a minute."

Since DeLaZerda first open-

ed up shop in the 1980s, she's

seen many popular hairstyles evolve.

"I haven't done a perm for probably 12 years. With the products and tools that are available now, we don't need that. You can bring out (the hair's) natural body," she said.

She noted that her favorite part of the job is "making everyone feel polished and pretty."

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