No facts are too small during The Cazadero's trivia night, held at 7 p.m. every Tuesday

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Trivia night participants discuss possible answers to a question during the event on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

What color shirt was associated with a crew member of the original Star Trek television series who would die after one episode?

What's the name of Porky Pig's girlfriend?

If you knew the answers were "red" and "Petunia" — or even if you didn't, there's a place for you at The Cazadero's weekly trivia night.

The event, hosted by Theresa Morrisey, takes place at 7 p.m. every Tuesday.

Questions focus on a wide range of subjects, including geography, television and movies, sports, businesses and history. There's also a "shot in the dark" category, which features questions on variable topics and prizes ranging from candy bars to pint glasses; and a half time event, during which participants must come up with four answers to the given question.

Usually, anywhere between five to 13 teams participate. At the end of the night, the top three groups receive gift cards to The Cazadero: $20 for the first place, $15 for the second place and $10 for the third place.

"Everyone looks forward to Tuesday," Morrisey said. "It's one of the highlights of the day. It's super fun."

"Tuesday is the best day of the week," added Sherry Andrus, owner of The Cazadero.

Morrisey typically curates a playlist of songs that often contain hints to the answers. For example, one question asked which finger has the fastest growing nail on the average person. Morrisey played the song "I Still Got a Finger" by Blake Shelton, and the answer was the middle finger.

But things aren't always as straightforward as they might seem. One week, a question asked which Julia Roberts film made $20 million at the box office. The answer was "Erin Brockovich," but while substituting for Morrisey, Rob Gaskill played the song "Pretty Women" by Roy Orbison.

Connie Redmond attends trivia night regularly, playing on The Undertaker and Friends team with Gaskill, Dan and Taryn Neujahr, and Lanelle and Jake King. Their name is inspired by Gaskill's profession as owner of Estacada Funeral Chapel.

"I was hooked right from the start," Redmond said, noting that she's only missed trivia night once. "(I love) the variety of questions and the people. It's just fun. I have a blast."

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Attendees of The Cazadero's trivia night prepare to answer questions.

Since she's started playing, Redmond has been making note of information she acquires that could prove itself to be useful.

"Everything I read now, I try to pick up information that I could use for trivia. It makes you think," Redmond said. "You never know what questions they'll ask and what you can pull out of a hat."

Therese Davis, a member of The Regulars, started playing trivia because she was already spending time at The Cazadero.

"It adds an element of fun to hanging out there," she said. "Having the activity there is something different and fun."

Pat Nieder, who's a member of the Rip Offs along with Renee Levi and Valerie Silva, appreciates the camaraderie of the event.

"I like the people we play against. There are a lot of fun people," she said. "I just plain like games. I like the challenge."

The Undertaker and Friends often place in the top three teams, which Redmond attributes to their widespread ages and interests.

"We've got it pretty well covered," Redmond said.

"It's about getting a well-balanced team," Morrisey added.

The Undertaker and Friends are not without their competition, however.

"We always try to take down The Undertakers," Nieder said, noting that it's particularly exciting to get a question right when it's announced that only one team did so.

One night, a group watched the trivia event while eating dinner at The Cazadero. They said they would return the next week and beat The Undertaker and Friends — and they did.

"Everyone wants to take down The Undertakers," Redmond said.

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - Pat Nieder and Valerie Silva answer a question during The Cazadero's trivia night on Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Though the goal of the evening is to win, the atmosphere is always friendly.

"They're so competitive. It's so funny," Morrisey said, adding that one of her favorite elements of the event is "the camaraderie of the environment and the fun."

She enjoys watching participants as they ponder the questions.

"I love seeing everyone's faces. They don't know the answer, and they'll think and think," she said. "I love seeing them see the answer in a song. It's a total light bulb moment. That's my favorite."

Are you Estacada's next trivia champion?

The following questions are sampled from recent trivia nights at The Cazadero. Answers are listed below.

1. Famously favored by James Bond, what method of martini preparation is said to result in a water-down, cloudy cocktail?

2. What 1980s movie takes place at Kellerman's Resort?

3. Name 4 of the 7 earthquake classes described by the U.S. Geological Survey.

4. In gallons, what is the estimated amount of beer lost in people's mustaches and beards each year in Great Britain?

5. What unique imprint did Whoopi Goldberg make in cement, along with her footprints, at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood in 1995?

6. In what decade was J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit published?

7. Appearing on 39 covers, what late athlete is second only to Michael Jordan in Sports Illustrated covers?

8. The patent for the microwave popping bag was issued in what year?


1. Shaken; 2. Dirty Dancing; 3. Micro, minor, light, moderate, strong, major and great; 4. 24,502; 5. Her dreadlocks; 6. 1930s; 7. Muhammad Ali; 8. 1973.

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