Group will present options for four-year calendar to school board during meeting next month

The Estacada School District's calendar committee is initially supporting a traditional schedule for the next four years.

During an update to the school board at a meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 13, calendar committee representative and River Mill Elementary School principal Jennifer Behrman said that, during a tentative vote, 20 members of the group favorited a traditional calendar. A balanced calendar received 18 votes, and a four-day school week received no votes.

In terms of school start times, having grades six to 12 begin at 9 a.m. was more popular than keeping the 8 a.m. start time. Likewise, having kindergarteners through fifth-graders begin at 9 a.m. received more votes than keeping an 8 a.m. start time.

Members of the calendar committee were tasked with determining the schedule for the next four years that would best benefit student learning. With a traditional calendar, classes start in September and end in June. Other options include a balanced calendar, which distributes the days students attend school evenly across the 12 months of the year, and a four day school week, during which students potentially would meet for longer instructional days, one day less than in a traditional calendar.

The committee will present an official recommendation to the school board during the group's meeting next month.

In other news from the school board meeting:

¦ Estacada School District Superintendent Ryan Carpenter said that officials from Clackamas County have said they are on track to provide a full-time school resource officer in April.

¦ District leadership is "very excited" about connecting with community members through Facebook Live. Carpenter noted that each video they have released has received at least 1,300 views.

¦ Board members approved the Clackamas Education Service District's local service plan. The plan provides participating districts services for special education, early learning, technology, teaching and learning, and administrative assistance.

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